What to do if darling changed

In series and books treason of darling – a banal plot. Women's forums dazzle with subjects how to endure treason, magazines considered this subject from all possible parties. But it seems that it will never concern you. Or rather, it seemed till a certain moment, and now treason of darling happened also in your life. What should I do?

Try to understand the loved one. Yes, now it seems difficult and silly, but sometimes for the most unambiguous acts there are justifications. The main thing for you is to distinguish this justification, an alibi, a good reason from attempt of the man to bullshit you even more. Why men change? A fine half of mankind fights many years over these questions, but it does not stir them liked to have "a bit on the side". It is important to define the reason for which your man changed you. Whether he was drunk, or to spend time with other girls – a part of his way of life? Certainly, at the last reason about true love of the speech does not go. The man can be incorrect at heart. It is its essence, trait of character – not to be able to be loyal to one woman. Whether accepts you it – to solve to you.

Only the confidential conversation will help to find out the reason of treason of your darling. By the way, scandal does not fit into the concept "confidential conversation". You will quarrel later.

Understand whether you will be able to live with it. What was treason? Long love story on the party or one case? May youMay youMay you accept after that the man back whether you can treat him still? For some women to forgive treason – a commonplace. But if it difficult is given you morally, you should not consider that you have a bad character or the egoism is developed. Just at each person the of morals and the device of inner world. And if your consciousness demands honesty from the partner, you have the right to leave, without reproaching yourself with excessive fault-finding. On the contrary, to keep the relations after treason – something outstanding, and – not the act of mercy to the man. If you really love it, and your love is mutual, in many years you also do not remember this small obstacle. Whether will sustain your feelings? Express offense. If you decided to keep couple, do not keep pain in yourself. State to the man as he hurt you as strongly his act touched you. If you the truth mean to it much, this conversation will touch it. And still you learn precisely what does not suit your man in the relations. You changed externally, he is irritated by your some habit, he does not like a situation in your apartment … The reason can be the silliest, but because of regular irritation it also pushed darling on treason. Live further. Also do not consider that time you forgave treason, now the man is obliged to creep for you on a lap. Everything has to look so as if nothing occurred. Also you do without paranoia. Even if once you found darling in the act, it is not an occasion now always to rummage in its things, to check messages on phone and its mail.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team