What to do if feelings left

What to do if feelings left

When the love, apparently, comes that it will last eternally. However, as it can sadly seem, the eternal love meets in novels or on a screen more often. Real life quite often brings disappointments and difficulties. Often happens that feelings begin to die away and to revive them, it is necessary to work on the relations.


1. At the beginning of the romantic relations the people, as a rule, are in power of emotions. The person likes in darling literally everything. Lovers want to be near as often as possible, their appointments are full of romanticism, they constantly call each other and exchange SMS messages. But the first emotions pass through some time, and the person begins to look at the partner more sober view.

2. At the same time an object of love remains to the same, just feelings to it gradually grow cold, shortcomings begin to be evident. Calls and meetings become more rare. There are numerous pretexts to postpone an appointment: employment at work, study, family affairs and duties. But all this was earlier! It is simple when feelings were at peak, another matters and cares receded into the background.

3. However if there is desire to return the leaving feelings, it is not necessary to panic at once. For a start it is necessary to talk to darling. It is only necessary to choose a right moment for a conversation and not to fall into a hysterics at all. It will only cause reciprocal irritation. However if darling avoids communication, it should not be imposed, to keep self-respect better.

4. Sometimes happens it is just necessary to make a pause in the relations. It will help to check feelings, to listen to itself, maybe, even to miss the friend the friend.

5. The girl in a similar situation does not need to put an end to herself, to find herself thrown and to nobody necessary. It is better to pay attention to the appearance, to change a hairstyle, to try new style of a make-up and manicure, to update clothes. Perhaps, the new image will help to wake up anew feelings in soul of darling.

6. You should not forget about the interests and hobbies. It is still necessary to conduct active life, to continue to communicate with friends. If darling understands what be at his girl all right, she does not suffer alone at all, in his shower the jealousy and desire again to fight for it can wake up. The main thing – that the initiative proceeded from it.

7. However if feelings of the man grew cold because of hobby for other woman, but at the same time he cannot make a final choice in any way, it is better to leave it at once. The chain of others can follow this hobby.

8. It is possible to keep romantic feelings and the strong relations, but it is necessary not to be afraid to change, to open constantly to darling from the party, new to it, attracting it with novelty. Once darling gives more attention, to appreciate and trust it, and over time the relations will only become stronger.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team