What to do if he does not want to marry

What to do if he does not want to marry

Most often an initiator of marriage is the woman, and nothing remains to the loving man how to agree to be banded. But sometimes the female initiative about a wedding is at all ignored. Of course, it both is sick, and is offensive. What to do if he does not want to marry?

It is not ready yet to that in its passport the stamp appeared. At first it is necessary to understand why he does not want to become the lawful husband. Perhaps, to its unwillingness to marry there are objective reasons. For example, banal shortage of money. Sometimes women so zhazhdit to dress up in a white dress that are ready to get for the sake of it into debt and credit stories. Men have in this regard more rational approach. They try to have the unlimited sum of money for a wedding and a honeymoon at the free order. If the reason consists in money, begin to postpone finance for future wedding together. Let it will become your common cause.

Quite often men to be afraid of a wedding if they already had experience of unsuccessful marriage behind the shoulders. And here they can be understood because some women after the treasured ceremony of a wedding relax and show the true mask. Possibly, your man is afraid of repetition of the similar scenario. And, maybe, he just grew up in family where between mother and the father instead of love the hostility reigned.

For this reason before adoption of the weighed decision on marriage it is important to man and woman to live with each other to understand whether they suit one another in life. As a rule, the conflicts begin 3 months later after the beginning of joint life. If they manage to be extinguished, the next crisis stage begins in a year. If partners managed to keep to each other pure feelings for one and a half years together - the man usually himself is ready to become a husband. It is necessary to approach marriage with all responsibility. Therefore you should not blackmail the man ("Either a wedding, or I I leave") and also to try to marry him by popular council by means of the child. Suddenly he doubts need to marry because it is not sure that he wants to live with you all the life, to raise together children? Think whether you want to bring up the child of one or in family in which there is no mutual love? Do not look back at girlfriends, do not envy that many of them she is already married. In appearance almost each family seems ideal. Remember that to celebrate a wedding - business simple, it is much more difficult to wake up every morning in great mood because that near you really darling with whom there is a wish to be together always, both in a trouble, and in joy.

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