What to do if he fallen in love

What to do if he fallen in love

Love represents strong feeling (or the whole scale of feelings), directed to a certain person. It can overtake both teenagers, and adults, and both that and others, being in such state, behave approximately equally. What to do if you appeared on the place of the lover?

First, try to estimate whether your sympathies / that you are pleasant too to the person for whom you have feelings are mutual, will tell a number of indirect signs. For example, if you try to catch an attention object eye, and his (her) pupils at a view of you slightly extend, so you are rather interesting loved (beloved).

If the man (woman) who was pleasant to you in every possible way tries to draw your attention: does a new hair, changes image, behavior, tries in any possible way to become closer (both in direct, and in a figurative sense), this person for certain takes a liking to you. Jokes of friends, the shyness at your presence and also inquiries about your preferences is an obvious certificate that you to he (she) are not indifferent. At the same time, the same signs will give also you if you are in love.

Until the love completely overflowed you, be defined for yourself whether it is worth showing the sympathies to "object". If to the person you are not indifferent, it does not make sense to be silent about the feelings. At the same time it is important not to go too far: there is a probability that he (she) will not be able to appreciate your relation or under a strong pressure of you will be fenced off and will become isolated, avoiding all contacts. Try to hint about the love as it is possible more delicately: so the probability to be misunderstood will be reduced. In case of unilateral love there are two ways: to silently suffer and suffer or try to win sympathies of the pleasant person. Find more time of the appearance, have a rest more often, try to get as much as possible positive emotions from life. Then you attract attention not only one that for the sake of whom you so tried, but also many people around. You remember: in order that fell in love with you, it is necessary that you were in love with yourself.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team