What to do if parents are not glad to pregnancy

What to do if parents are not glad to pregnancy

If you are pregnant, and your parents absolutely are not glad to it, that is several ways to overpersuade them, to help them to cope with their new status of the grandmother and grandfathers if it is correct to present information.

Pregnancy not always brings joy as could seem. Especially if own parents are not glad to it. What to do in this case? How to arrive if does not seduce parents to become the grandmother and the grandfather in the nearest future?

First of all, it is worth remembering that you should give birth, but not to them. Therefore also the decision on that to keep pregnancy or to get rid of it, to accept to you. You do not look at opinion of the parents. They once made a choice for your birth. Try to plan the future life. If there is an opportunity to earn now, so far the term of pregnancy small, use this chance. Financial stability and your gravity will be able to overpersuade your parents. Over time they will understand that you are not going to hang up the child on them, and are quite ready and able to be engaged in him independently.

If parents categorically against your pregnancy, then remind them that the child is a small miracle. Kind of accidentally enclose them the children's photos, magazines with articles about pink-checked kids, talk to the future child. Very few people from parents will resist such "children's" pressure. After all, talk to them as equals. Tell them about that, it is how important to feel to you their support, their attention and care are how important to you. Try to inform them of a thought that this kid not only your continuation, but also them too.

If you resolved to become a mother, then do not recede at all. Even under the pressure of own parents. Remember that now you are responsible not only for yourself, but also for future kid. Endure all unpleasant and critical moments in family. When the child will be born, it is quite possible that your parents will thaw. Most likely, having seen the newborn grandson or the granddaughter, your parents will come to love very much your kid. They will surely thaw in relation to you. And you can amuse their vanity, having noted as the kid is similar eyes to the grandmother or the grandfather. Having learned that you are pregnant, your parents were not delighted? You do not hurry to be upset. Not only you are on the threshold something new, but also they too. Now from the parental status they slowly turn into the status of the senior generation. Give them time to get used to this idea. You do not press on them, just tell about the intentions, plans for life, about how you are going to cope with everything. Remind them of what they tested, having learned that will become parents. And also how yours the grandmother and the grandfather reacted to it. Perhaps, it will help your family to endure the misunderstanding period.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team