What to do if parents do not want to give blessings

What to do if parents do not want to give blessings

Throughout all our life we need blessing of parents. We wait for approval when we make the most important decisions - we choose a profession, career or the partner in life. Not always the opinion of parents coincides with ours. They have reasons, arguments and arguments. What needs to be done to insist on the right to decide own destiny and to live with darling?

Parental disapproval. Reasons

The most obvious and the reason, independent of your elect or the darling, – early age when you did not finish education yet, at you is not present stable earnings, there is no own housing, and there are only prospects.

Parents can interfere with the mature and defined children for the reason that they do not like the potential partner in life. Or they do not know him, do not know his family and the past. Or on the contrary, too well know details of rough youth or horrible genetic diseases, either the criminal past, or sadistic bents and addictions.

In spite of the fact that we live in the 21st century, parents can be against your marriage with the foreigner, with the person of other race and religion.

Your actions

Listen to your parents anyway, without emotions, without interrupting. Analyze the reasons of their disapproval of your choice. If not all is defined, explain to the family why you need it. Give them more information on the relations with your partner: where and as you got acquainted, describe your common interests, life priorities and the purposes, tell about family of your girl or the guy, persuade them to get acquainted. Let's assume that your satellite in the past had negative experience – alcohol, drugs, criminal record. Think and whether there is a game of candles, whether you want to risk yourself, and subsequently and the children. Perhaps, without getting excited, it is worth accepting the point of view of parents. Miracles do not happen, "if in the first act the gun hangs on the stage, then in the last it will surely shoot". However, if your love is indestructible, and you are not going to change decisions under no circumstances, talk once again to parents. In such situation you constantly will need to talk, prove, represent merits of your beloved or beloved. Probability is high that, reluctantly, parents will bless you. Also it is so big that will not be blessed and you should live in a condition of discomfort. To you to solve. In case you want to marry the foreigner, you need also to weigh all pros and cons. Distinction of cultures, traditions, ceremonies, household features – all this more likely minuses at decision-making. However the love is plus which outweighs all that is listed above. Prove to parents that your elect or the darling good, tell why you fell in love with them, dispel all their fears. And the main thing to receive blessing of parents, their support and protection, do not begin war, do not talk roughly, do not insist without explanation. Be valid and convince them of correctness of the choice.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team