What to do if rubbed a leg

What to do if rubbed a leg

Inconvenient footwear often is the reason of emergence of callosities and natoptyshy. They cause many problems: painful feelings when walking, development of various inflammations, etc.

Prepare a cup with warm water. Add to it a pinch of soda and soft soap, ship legs in a basin and relax for 10-15 minutes. Add hot water so that it was pleasant for your skin. Steam legs, then rinse them clear warm water, wipe a towel and grease with nutritious cream. Slightly massage a foot. In 10 minutes remove the remained cream with a napkin. Add mint to water, she will have the calming effect on your angry skin of legs and will remove the naggers.

If you have a small easy callosity, then rub legs during acceptance of a bath pumice. After they dry out put on them a special plaster. Make the similar procedure several times up to disappearance of a callosity.

If you rubbed legs between fingers, for the night spread them with cream, and per day powder with powder. If a callosity watery, powder cannot use, wait when she begins to live. There is an effective way of fight against callosities. For this purpose mix propolis with any fat and impose this mix on polished places. It is possible to prepare a compress from a grain crumb, having moistened its 9% with vinegar. Put this compress for the night to the polished place, having recorded a plaster or bandage. Leg care has to be regular, do daily foot baths, they will help to get rid of callosities, fatigue and to improve blood circulation. And use of nutritious creams will make skin standing gentle and soft. Put a leaf of a plantain to a fresh callosity – it has the healing and bactericidal properties, or impose cream on its basis. If on the place of a callosity the wound was formed, for its fastest healing use ointments like Levomekol, Solkoseril, etc. If dry – use a callosity Salipod - a plaster for the solution of similar problems.

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