What to do if the child does not want to read

In the modern world most of children do not consider reading something interesting and fascinating. How to correct this situation?

Why the child does not want to read?

First of all, let's understand the absence reasons at the child of interest in books. Most often the main problem is the lack of a due example. If parents instead of reading sit at the computer, the TV or in smartphones, then and the child will go on these feet. It is necessary to be for the child the main example! In free time postpone phone and pick up the book.

Perhaps, you demand from the child too much for his age. If at the child the skill of reading only just began to be formed, to impart to it love for reading absolutely senselessly. About what plot can there be a speech if you try to collect at least letters in a word? For a start it is necessary to develop skill of reading practically to perfection.

Sometimes for children the reading is the real punishment. So often parents lay down a condition: you will not read at least chapter yet, you will not go for a walk! Whether it is possible to regard it somehow still, except threat or punishment? It is better to forget about such phrases that in the future the child did not perceive reading as torture.

How to impart love for reading?

About the most important way to impart love for the book it was already told to the child above – show this love on the example. Besides, you can read the same books with the child that later with enthusiasm them to discuss readings.

Perhaps, your child still just did not find "the book". Do you remember how you fell in love to read? For certain not from the first book, and "that" which could engender love for reading. Help the child to find a suitable genre. Tell about books which you loved in the childhood, get houses library of books interesting to children, offer them to it, describe.

Allow the child not to read up some books. The book from the school program is not pleasant? If it does not happen to each book, then there is no trouble in it any. Remember yourself at school. There will be a little children who with pleasure read each work of the school program. If the book does not go even with a great effort, then it is possible to postpone it. Perhaps, the child will return to it later when ripens" for the work.

What to do if the child re-reads the same book all the time and does not start others? First of all, to rejoice that the book captured him. It is that start, that reference point of love for reading. If he reads it the second or third time, there is nothing terrible in it. Try to offer it other books of similar subject, tell about them, interest him. If the child liked one book, then he will surely pass also to others.

You remember, forcing children to read, you only beat off love for literature. Read, and let the child read together with you!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team