What to do if the ex-wife incites the child against the father

What to do if the ex-wife incites the child against the father

Process of building relations with the ex-wife - long and laborious work which it is necessary with honor to sustain. The good attitude to you your child will become an award for restraint and wisdom.

Unfortunately, divorce situations in families become all rasprostranenny. First of all children who are forced to choose whose part from parents needs to be taken suffer from it. One of the most painful problems in the divorced families is a behavior of the former spouse who very much tries to incite the child against his father. How to behave to the man in so difficult situation?

How to behave with the former spouse

It is necessary to understand and understand why the woman acts this way. To such behavior there is a number of explanations.

The divorced woman feels offended, thrown and betrayed, especially if the divorce took place at the initiative of the man.

It is quite clear that being in such state, the woman wishes that the former spouse had similar feelings. One of means for achievement of the goal is use of the child, his attuning against the father. The best that the man can make in the circumstances is to give to the wife time that to rethink everything, to recover, pull out. Only when the woman realizes the taken place divorce and will begin to calm down, it is possible to try to build with her constructive dialogue concerning your child. Talk quiet tone, do not allow aggressive behavior in its party, build a conversation only concerning your relations with children, do not sort out your personal relations as such behavior can aggravate a problem only. It is necessary to make every effort for achievement of a goal.

How to behave with the child

Success in building relations with the child, in many respects depends on what spirit of his father, as he behaves with it.

Despite all attempts of mother to incite the child against the father, the man has to find forces to communicate with the child.

Explain to the child current situation, however try to make it bezotsenochno and neutrally. Do not accuse the former spouse at all and refuse negative comments in her party. The child has to see that you treat his mother with respect as it is very important for him at any age. Try to make as often as possible contact and to spend more time together. Building dialogue with children and the ex-wife, it is worth stocking up with patience. It is very long and laborious process. In search of replies to the solution of the problem it is possible to ask for the help psychological literature or to consult with the good family psychologist.

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