What to do if the girl took offense

What to do if the girl took offense

Ah, these girls, they have such thin sincere organization - take offense at something, are dissatisfied with something. Young people sometimes strongly worry, having seen the beloved in tears or simply upset. What to do if darling took offense?

If you do not represent in what your fault (and it often happens, the fair sex is inclined to attach significance even to fleeting glimpses), try words, which at you in the course (a kitty, the sun, etc.). Most likely, the offended person will thaw and will cease to pout, especially if offense insignificant. But she can turn obstinate, refusing to state the reasons for offense and even to forgive you. In this case, most likely, the girl did not like something insignificant, and now she punishes you. If she does not want to tell in any way in what business and as to you to correct a situation that – then leave her alone. Young persons cannot stand firm up to the end. After all, everything will tell.

When you know what you are guilty of, for example, were late for an appointment, awkwardly joked, having shown it neglect, or did not keep a promise – then it is necessary to correct a situation urgently if, of course, the girl is dear to you.

Depending on weight of your "crime", you should beg for forgiveness. Flowers, by the way, will never be superfluous. Present it a big and beautiful bouquet – when you pray for forgiveness fault, it is possible to forget about refinement. Let the bouquet will be magnificent and magnificent. It is also necessary to think up something original and lovely. Girls love fine gestures. Give it some original romantic gift, such which surely will be pleasant to it or of which she dreamed long ago. Perhaps, it will be a piece of jewelry or a plush toy. Also it is necessary to tell it many pleasant words, girls are auditory as you remember. Then, when you will be forgiven, try to talk to the girlfriend to understand better what can offend her and also convince that she is dear to you. If your offense serious, for example, treason, then you do not get off with gifts and florets. In this case the girl not only is offended – she also is humiliated, and is even angered. In this case it is necessary to put a lot of effort again to gain trust of your beloved, and this business not of one day.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team