What to do if the girlfriend's husband raped

What to do if the girlfriend's husband raped

Never it is impossible to be sure that on mind at any given person. People are unpredictable, even the best acquaintances can sometimes make very terrible things. In life quite often there were situations when girls were exposed to violence from husbands of the close girlfriends.

How to survive after rape?

It is unlikely someone needs to explain what huge shock is a similar incident for any woman. The regrettable fact is known to the staff of services of the emergency psychological assistance: most often the victims of tyrants handle thoughts of a suicide to them. And experts every time should invent all new ways to explain to injured girls that even if you underwent violence, it is not the end of life yet. And it is the most difficult to convince of it those who were raped by relatives or well familiar people. It not only shock from the fact, but also enormous disappointment in those to whom trusted earlier. For example, if the tyrant – the husband of your girlfriend, most likely, you in panic think out how to punish the offender and not to destroy the relations with the loved one. Necessarily it is necessary to make the hard choice. Though, most likely, the answer is unambiguous here.

If you were raped by the husband of your closest girlfriend, surely tell her about it, if this person is capable of it, it is unknown that can be expected from him further. Remember that having kept silent, you will endanger not only yourself, but also the unfortunate wife of the tyrant. Your girlfriend, if she, really, is that, will get up on your party.

Kind of to you it was heavy at heart after rape, collect all the forces in a fist and reach the gynecologist, and later go to the nearest office of internal affairs where write the application. After rape it is impossible to wash and postpone a campaign to the doctor and in police at once at all. The statement for rape can not be adopted in several hours as will begin to prove crime to already almost impossible. If everything occurred at night, and your policlinic is closed, immediately call "ambulance" and go to the nearest maternity hospital where the doctor on duty is at any time. And he, in turn, is obliged to report the matter with you to law enforcement agencies. All these actions need to be made with the greatest possible speed.

Girlfriend or enemy?

If to return to purely psychological aspects of rape by close familiar person, it is necessary to emphasize that whatever warm the former relations were, the similar act crosses out them once and for all. But only with the tyrant, but in any way not with the best friend. Try to understand that she precisely is not guilty of anything, and even such regrettable event as rape, should not sadden your friendship and close relations. If everything occurs on the contrary, a conclusion has to be obvious to you: it to you not the girlfriend and never it was.

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