What to do if the guy the ladies' man

What to do if the guy the ladies' man

To meet the man of the dream it is a little problematic. And when on the horizon there is such person, everything is forgotten: councils of girlfriends, maternal cautions. Children's dreams become a reality, here it is happiness! But suddenly, in one stage everything is scattered: understanding that you not only at the ideal handsome comes.

Are not born ladies' men - become them

There is a variety of reasons on which the man can turn into the thoughtless light-headed rake lady's man:

- Surplus of female attention. Women, whatever one may do, are guilty of such outcome only. To marry the nice, fairly clever, able to earn man - natural female requirement. But, unfortunately, as statistics shows, there is an enormous shortage of men's individuals on soul of female population. More or less decent guy enjoys unprecedented popularity at girls. Well and how here not to begin to work for several fronts at the same time?

- Problems with a self-assessment. All complexes from the childhood. Perhaps, in kindergarten the boy Petya made a declaration of love to the girl Masha, and she rejected all his courtings. And ever since, having become already full-fledged man, he revenges all female for once got offense. Women for it only a trophy which he can flaunt among the friends.

You do not explain to such person that he is the meaning of your life. Its vision of the world is deeply distorted, and, most likely, the solution of its problems will require the help of the psychologist.

- Fear of the close emotional relations. This fear can arise on various bases: someone endured treason of the beloved, someone lost it forever owing to certain circumstances, and someone just considers that the attachment is a destiny weak.

Men just disconnect feelings, without allowing women in the most secluded corners of the soul. And if to whom has the luck to learn small secretion of male heart, that immediately without explanations is enlisted in the category of former.

Ladies' man: instruction for application

How to behave with the daring lady-killer and to save the fragile heart from a deep scar? First, not to be disappointed in the man, it is not necessary to be fascinated in him. Do not neglect a female intuition: if you noticed that your man stares at other women, do not overlook it. Means, there are big problems with its unsatisfied libido.

The best exit - to leave the male ladies' man because not to correct it if only he does not understand that he lives incorrectly.

Secondly, if you decided to construct the relations with the lady's man, behave. Do not extol him in an occasion and without because the ladies' man is dragged for the woman only until shows interest. You keep it in a tone: be discharged on safe distance, without bothering with calls and messages. At the same time do not humiliate and do not offend it. Be Switzerland - keep a neutrality in relation to the elect. Try to become first of all for it the friend, and already then the ardent mistress. Perhaps, though it is improbable, it will be hooked by depths of your soul, and you will not become the next record in a notebook of its love victories.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team