What to do if the husband does not want to work

What to do if the husband does not want to work

From time immemorial was considered that the man in family the getter, and efforts and cares of the house fall on the woman. But there are situations when the husband just does not want to work, and in the conditions of unstable economy it is the real problem. What to do if the husband does not want to work and provide family?

There are three main reasons for which the man is an unemployed:

- it never worked after the termination of educational institution;

- he was discharged from office on reduction of shots;

- the husband himself quitted the job on any reasons, for example, bad working conditions or small salary.

If it happened when couple already is in marriage, then it is necessary to look for joint ways of an exit, and here if the wedding is only necessary then it is worth thinking whether it is necessary to marry the unemployed.

If the husband was left without work temporarily, the problem is easily solved and if the spouse does not work and days pass, developing in weeks, weeks a months, and nothing changes, then the situation becomes critical. Even if to save on the most necessary, to pay municipal, to buy food and clothes all the same it is necessary. Of course, when the spouse is in active job search, looks through vacancies, distributes the summary and does not refuse temporary extra earnings, it is necessary to have patience and just to wait, but if the husband sleeps how many he to it will take in head, spends the whole day at the TV or the computer, here it is necessary to take a situation in female hands.

First of all, it is necessary to have a talk with the husband, to ask him on progress in job search, on new vacancies, on plans for the future, etc. It is necessary to touch upon a subject of the family budget, to tell that there is catastrophically not enough money, and that its salary will allow family to live much better. It is possible to tell that at your work the situation is slightly worse, than earlier, for example, reduction of shots, reduction of salary or a holiday without contents threatens, most often it will be for the man a guide to action. It is obligatory to choose the correct motivation, it is possible to tell that something will be bought to the house, it will be possible to change or buy a car, for the husband some equipment or tools and so on.

If no arrangements, motivations and informal conversations help, then it is necessary to work considerably:

- first, it is necessary to control daily what vacancies the husband saw where he sent the summary, it is possible to see on the quiet history of the browser and e-mail to learn whether the husband looked for work in general;

- secondly, it is possible to dump all homework on the husband: if he is at home, so let erases, irons, learns lessons with children, cooks food - it will give to the man understanding that the housewife's life not such and joyful;

- thirdly, sending the husband to shop, it is possible to give it strictly fixed sum of money, and upon return to ask the check.

If it does not help, then it is possible to begin to saw slowly the husband, for lack of a lunch, for unchecked lessons, for a full garbage can and so on. Some women refuse to the spouse intimate proximity, it is possible, of course, but will be more expensive to itself. It would be desirable to finish with the following if the husband does not work constantly, but does not refuse temporary extra earnings to bring though some money in family, the situation is reparable, another matter if the husband grew lazy and in general refuses any work, then can leave better? Parting and a divorce - it is always heavy, but think whether you are ready to pull all life on yourself family and the husband and to turn from the woman into such here working horse?

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team