What to do if the husband goes to a holiday without wife

What to do if the husband goes to a holiday without wife

Situations when vacation schedules at spouses do not coincide, are frequent. And in this case there is a question: to have a rest or not on separateness. Especially many doubts are raised by the man's holiday without wife. And to come to consensus to the parties can be difficultcan be difficult. Psychologists assure that more myths, than the truths are connected with an independent trip of the husband.

It is required to you

  • - hobby;
  • - correct psychological spirit.


1. Most often wives are afraid that the husband, having been away on vacation one, will surely start a romance on the party. The imagination draws suntanned ladies in bikini, the sea of alcoholic cocktails, freedom and spirit. Psychologists recommend to relax and stop thinking about potential treason. In practice most of the men who appeared on freedom have just a rest from life, sleep off and disconnected from an intense working grfik. Especially those wives whose husbands went to short - literally for a week - a holiday should not worry.

2. During departure of the husband that in the head any bad thoughts did not climb, it is better to occupy itself with business. Itself can find a hobby, work to liking - everything on what you will spend free time. Separation time, and the husband when arrives will allow and to reduce it, will be surprised to changes about which it for certain will want to learn more. And it considerably strengthens marriage, psychologists say.

3. Also the husband's holiday - a great time to have a rest most. Let you continue to go to work, but at the same time will be free from cooking on all family, cleaning and ironing of clothes - trousers, shirts, etc. It is possible to walk safely on the house in masks, without hiding on rooms or the bathroom. Such pleasure is often inaccessible to married ladies. To remain for a while one is a way to see itself as the individual, but not a part of family.

4. As option, you can organize a holiday to yourself. For example, in case you did not go together with the husband because of unavailability of documents. Always it is possible to pick up option of own rest in the country. It both other cities, and excursion tours, and holiday houses: to choose - not a problem. And it is possible to have a rest at all not worse, than the abroad.

5. It is not necessary to make to the husband rows. Especially, if first you allowed him an independent travel. It is necessary to speak about the rejection of separate rest at the beginning of the relations that all points over ""i"" were placed, and there were no misunderstanding.

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