What to do if the husband lies all the time

What to do if the husband lies all the time

Some men so get used to say a lie that for them it becomes norm of life and a habit as smoking or daily toothbrushing. Most often such qualities are shown at married men who lie to the wives or conceal from them the real situation. It should be notedIt should be noted that the lie has to be not necessarily connected with treason, but the wife all the same should worry as in the relations with the soulmate the trust is lost.

Of course, very much it is not pleasant to women when their husbands lie, especially if it occurs regularly. What to undertake to disaccustom darling to this bad habit and to return him on a path of the truth and virtue? There are several ways, but for a start it is necessary to find out the reason for which the husband does not want to tell to the wife the truth. It can be as a habit which the man "caught" in the childhood, and an intended lie when the spouse categorically does not wish that his soulmate was aware of his big and small secrets.

For disposal of the husband of a constant lie the woman should choose one of the following tactics:

1. Sometimes in the relations with the false spouse the scandal made to its blessed can be effective. And, some women derive pleasure from this process and consider it effective impact on behavior of the husband. But actually scandals have short-term impact on the false spouse who after such storm of emotions which is splashed out on it by the wife can hide for a while, but subsequently will start over again lying, and already sophisticated, thinking over each word told the spouse more carefully again not to get on a lie.

2. The woman can specularly respond the husband to lies and in response to his lie to tell the lie. Over time the man will understand why it occurs, and will think of the behavior. Most of men hate when their soulmate lies, and in this case the woman will do it for show. The man will remain nothing else how to sit down from darling at "a round table" and during negotiations to put all end over i and to stop a mutual lie.

3. Accept the spouse it what he is. All normal men want to be loved and understood by the wives. They derive pleasure when the soulmate rejoices to their progress and divides hobbies. You" do not "saw" the husband if he gathers for a football match. You descend on stadium together with it better. If it was tired after work and decided to roll about at the TV, embrace him and lie down near it, it is desirable silently. If he wants – itself will start talking to you. Your husband likes to collect models of planes or trains? Present him as a gift design set. Such understanding and careful wife will hardly want to lie.

4. And, at last, with it be frank. Without trusting relationship happiness in family cannot be constructed. To dialogue both parties have to have an openness, only in this case it is possible to achieve mutual understanding. If you carp at the husband for the fib or boasting, then will not achieve anything else, except his isolation in yourself and unwillingness to tell you about something. If the woman trusts the man, then it will be easier for it to tell the truth what unpleasant or contradictory it was not.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team