What to do if the love leaves

What to do if the love leaves

Some consider that the love lives only 3 years. If not to allow to go out to feeling, then it is possible to feel it much longer. Use for this purpose classical or very extravagant ways.

1. Usually the person feels if the soulmate began to lose to him interest. Kindle a love flame when it begins to go out. The woman needs to run urgently in shop and to buy to itself a dress for evening that before night sleep to appear before the man in all beauty.

2. Do not wait for favor at the nature, act! The lady knows that she is pleasant to her gentleman. The monotony becomes boring. Develop the scenario for night pastime after which the soulmate will be in the seventh heaven. The same concerns also men. Feel what is pleasant to your lady that she soared on love wings too.

3. If your charms, efforts did not work, the partner still shows indifference, will cause in it jealousy. It as at children. They are bothered by old toys, but once the same kid takes it, the first will surely try to take away the back.

4. Let your precious will see that you can be interesting also to other men. Use the friend, the husband of the friend whom your blessed does not know for these purposes. Approximately as in the movie "The Most Charming and Attractive". The main thing – you do not overstep the limits of legal. And compliments, attention, flowers are not forbidden to be received from other man. Let the partner will see what charm he can lose.

5. As well as in this film story, you can be engaged in a training also. You approach every morning a mirror and you say that you the very best fine. If it yet not absolutely so, you see that it is necessary to lose weight or, on the contrary, to take shape, be engaged in the figure. Register in fitness. If there is no such opportunity, be engaged in absence of darling at home.

6. The same concerns the man. If he too relaxed, affords excesses in food, got a "beer" tummy, then it does not paint it. The lady can pay attention to another who values the body and keeps it in a tone.

7. Perhaps, feelings began to die away because all of you time together? You do not manage to miss the friend the friend. Then you need to be separated at least for the weekend. If it is necessary, then for more long time. Think up circumstances which allegedly do not allow you to reunite in any way. For example, prolonged a business trip, the girlfriend from other city got sick and does not want you to release so far. Then the husband by all means will get bored. But be not overzealous with separation.

8. Feelings to one can sometimes fade as they flashed to another. If this is soIf this is soIf this is so, then you do not leave for a long time beloved one.

9. If partners are faithful to each other, but their relations became not such as earlier, think because of what. Perhaps, you began to quarrel often? Scandals are capable to kill love over time. Resolve issues quietly. Quarrels happen because of fatigue, from the fact that "jammed life". Ask to sit for the weekend with children of relatives, take the permit for 2-3 days in holiday house or remove a lodge in the countryside. Spend a weekend together in the beautifull romantic place.

10. More often do each other surprises that the love did not leave. Call the wife, tell that tonight you with her make a sightseeing tour by helicopter (joint parachute jumps are rallied too). The lady can write to favourite SMS that she reserved the hotel accommodation, and will wait for it there.

11. Why to the man not to hire a limousine? Then it will be able to drive up in the evening to the place to work of the woman and it is pleasant to surprise not only it, but also employees. The carriage with horses in this case too is not forbidden. Employ the industrial climber, let he will unexpectedly knock in a window to the girl and will present a gift. All this by all means again will bring together you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team