What to do if the wife is not able to prepare?

What to do if the wife is not able to prepare?

Each married man wants that having come home, he can enjoy a tasty hot dinner or a lunch, and received a nutritious breakfast from hands of the spouse in the morning. But, unfortunately, having quite often got married find out that the wife is not able to prepare. For some couples it can become a source of constant scandals and even to cause a divorce. However you should not act rashly. This problem is quite solvable.

What to do if the wife does not prepare?

If your spouse avoids kitchen as fire, then not always the reason is in her inability to prepare. Perhaps, she just does not like to do it, not all women sleep and see themselves as great culinary specialists. It can be simply uninteresting to her, especially, when cooking turns into a daily routine. And maybe, your spouse too strongly is tired at work or is banal is lazy to be engaged in kitchen. Try to talk to it frankly, explain how you appreciate its work and how strongly you want to taste the home-made food cooked by her hands. Suggest to make the schedule of watches on kitchen: prepare in turn every other day, it will be so much more convenient also to you, and the wife.

What to do if the wife is not able to prepare?

It is much worse if the wife badly prepares because she really is not able to do it. It is possible to solve this problem in different ways:

  • to divorce;
  • there are only semi-finished products and ready salads;
  • to pass to the system of a rawism;
  • to eat only in cafe and restaurants;
  • to employ the housemaid who will prepare for you;
  • to teach to train the wife.

The last way is represented to the most acceptable. It is worth looking narrowly at it more attentively, especially in case you are not ready to leave the spouse only because of food.

How to teach to train the wife?

  1. To allow the spouse a suitable incentive to promise, for example, that you buy her a fur coat or you take abroad.
  2. Conclude with it a bet: try to wound her self-esteem, tell that you do not believe at all that she will manage to learn to prepare therefore in case of her prize you execute any her desire.
  3. Hammer kitchen with the modern equipment – awaken curiosity in the wife: and as it works and that by means of this piece is done, etc.
  4. To set a positive example – itself as the cook, suggest the wife to prepare together until she seizes culinary science.
  5. Ask for the help her or mother with a request, to teach to train the wife.
  6. Write down the wife on culinary courses, place emphasis that it is fashionable, it is possible to meet many interesting people, etc.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team