What to do if there is no wish to sleep with the husband any more

What to do if there is no wish to sleep with the husband any more

In sexual life of married couple there can be take-off and falling. It is worth worrying in case within the last months you do not want to sleep with the husband. When the conjugal duty became an annoying duty, it is necessary to change something in life.

Why desire to have sex vanishes

First of all - a bad dream. To manage to make everything: to work, have a rest, visit everywhere where it is necessary and to communicate to friends, the person "takes" time which the nature allowed for a dream for wakefulness. An organism - a system rather strong, but also it can rebel. And when in the head the only desire – to lay down rather on a pillow, issues of sex do not concern absolutely.

Recommendation: you sleep more. If on weekdays this issue cannot be resolved, owing to any reasons, compensate a sleep debt on the weekend. Or try an hour or a couple of hours to have a sleep after work. the organism will agree also to it. For restoration it is not obligatory for it to have a rest eight hours in a row at all. It is possible to arrange it "fractional" rest.

Unbalanced food. For a libido the complex of various minerals and vitamins is necessary. If you do not watch the food, you cease to receive many useful substances even if you do not keep to "diet". There is no "fuel" - there is no work, in this case sexual desire. And that who regularly keeps to a diet constant malnutrition spoils mood because of what desire to have sex vanishes. Recommendation. Pay special attention to quality of the food. Those who is an ardent supporter of various diets surely should consult the doctor whether what you for yourself chose suits you. If the doctor does not confirm it, it is desirable to pick up a suitable power supply system, but without harm for health. Surely include products which support in the daily diet and strengthen sexual desire. Only do not overdo with it. Overeating is also harmful to sex as constant starvation. The organism directs all the efforts to a stomach, and on sex there is no energy left. Problems in relationship with the spouse. After the family scandal which especially ended with mutual offense at the woman no sexual desires can arise in principle. The truth is exceptions. Large scandal causes rough sexual activity in certain people.

If there is no wish to sleep with the husband what to do?

Probability is very high that a problem of lack of desire at all not in the husband. If to other men the sexual attraction remains, the problem in your relations means. Honestly answer yourself a simple question: and whether you need this person? Perhaps, you to him have no feelings. If in soul already nothing remained, to save your marriage will be problematic. Without the real feelings the people together cannot long exist. And if somewhere, let and in the most distant corner of your heart, the love still glimmers, then it is possible to try to fix the problems which arose in a bed by means of the expert.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team