What to do if you want the best friend

What to do if you want the best friend

The modern friendly relations sometimes become so tangled and even set thinking on what to do if you want the best friend. It is an important point when it is necessary to understand himself and the sexual views and preferences.

Most often girls think of what to do if you want the best friend when this one becomes really loved when the relations resemble more a certain strong union in which both girlfriends warmly belong to one another, do not conceal any secrets and constantly share among themselves the most intimate. If the girlfriend turns out so true that always takes care, helps and tries to find for communication all the time, involuntarily begin to perceive it absolutely in a different way.

According to psychologists, the sexual inclination to the girlfriend is directly connected with sexual perception of the person. That is, here one or the other: or you are drawn in the sexual plan towards a female, or at the same time to men's and women's. Usually there is the second situation. Some experts even believe that most of women are bisexual, at all you should not be afraid that this any mental deviation.

Sometimes the girl considers that she wants the best friend though actually it arises only because of short-term feeling of love. As soon as friendly human relations even if they same-gender, go for rise, they can feel admiration to one another – admiration of a figure, voice, behavior, etc. For this reason at emergence of a question what to do if you want the best friend, for a start it is necessary to wait some time. Feelings will grow cold, and gradually you will begin to treat other girl just as to the girlfriend, but not an object of love and passion.

Much more seriously the problem arises if desire of proximity with the girlfriend does not pass but only amplifies and leads to emergence of imaginations on the sexual soil. In this situation it is possible to try to talk to the girl and to admit to her the feelings. It is possible to make this in a comic form, but not with nervousness at all not to frighten it. Perhaps, having expressed and having laughed together, you will forget about the alarms, and the friendly relations will return to the ordinary course.

Perhaps, you want the best friend because of a long absence of the sexual relations. Try to get the serious relations with the man (or other woman as similar sexual preferences any more not a rarity). It will help to create the correct object of love and passion while the girlfriend and will remain your girlfriend with whom you will just have a rest in free time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team