What to do if your marriage - a mistake

What to do if your marriage - a mistake

Entering into alliance, people can not always correctly estimate compatibility. Sometimes love prevents to see true qualities of the partner. And if so it happened that after a campaign in the REGISTRY OFFICE you understood that you are not ideal couple, it is necessary to solve something.

The first and the most important: take your time. It is not necessary to make hasty decisions, everything is possible not so badly. There are no people without shortcomings therefore it is worth taking a closer look better at the satellite or the companion. Then it is important to know that in any relations surely there come crises, and here it is important not to run, and to understand what occurs.

Restoration of the relations

Braque needs to try to keep. If you can communicate, talk among themselves. It is important to state claims each other, but not with shout, and it is conscious. It will allow to estimate correctly situation, to decide what to do next. Sometimes it is possible to change and turn mutual requirements into reality a little.

If it is impossible to speak quietly, address the expert. Modern psychologists can help. They use different methods to see the person near another of the party. It changes the relation, and, perhaps, not everything was so terrible. Also rest gives the chance to think again. Take a break, live a little separately. But it is important not just to be one, but also to think whether partnership is necessary for you. Sometimes the loneliness brings together, and sometimes, on the contrary, parts people finally. Just strictly define the period when you exist the friend without friend, for example, three months. And then make the decision, do not delay it for years.

Final gap

If you decided that nothing can be returned, means it is necessary to take the responsibility and to disperse. It is necessary to begin not with writing of the application, and with a fair conversation. Explain why such decision is necessary. You were close long enough therefore it is necessary to remain in the friendly relations. Talk and whether a half agrees to a divorce, try to be softer, do not hurt. The application is submitted in the REGISTRY OFFICE. Usually one month on decision-making is given, suddenly people will think again. At presence of small children the process can be dragged out. If necessary the application for the section of property in court is still written if it is impossible to make it amicably. At a divorce it is important to begin to divide everything not from things, and from people. At once think over who and as will live. It concerns also kids and a half. It is necessary that everything it was comfortable. Surely tell children what occurs. They will be able to understand you only later when grow, but you should not keep them in dark. Surely tell them that there is no their fault in this event. Often children think that parting happens because of them, and it becomes a severe trauma. At a divorce it is important not to cause to each other pains. The more quietly it will pass, the better. Shouts, charges usually do not conduct to anything. Remember that you had good minutes, and thank the former spouse for everything lived. The will be kinder than the relation, the it is easier to go then on life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team