What to do with a wedding ring after the divorce

What to do with a wedding ring after the divorce

Alas, not always in life it turns out exactly as there is a wish and it is planned. Sometimes even the most unshakable relations come to the logical end and to scoop something light from them becomes impossible. The divorce in similar cases becomes, perhaps, the only exit. As a result from this – a set of the memories, objects and things reminding of antecedents. And the most important of these memoirs – a wedding ring.

Wedding ring – not plain ornament

For certain almost each divorced person in any degree faced the difficult question "what now to do with a wedding ring?" the main reasons for doubts from its disposal two: the first – psychological, it is clear to everyone that it is not just a knickknack, the ornament presented by the stranger, and a thing which bears in itself rather big semantic loading (let and not the most pleasant memories sometimes, but also pluses it is possible to find enough). And this ring was once a symbol of fortress, firmness and fidelity of your marriage, and to carry it after the divorce - a bad sign. The second reason – financial, whatever one may do, and a subject this of precious metal which is very expensive. Therefore the decision on that just to throw out it will be not too rational. And will just store a ring after the divorce silly, over time it can grow dull.

Away from memory

It is not necessary to be the psychic or the person having supernatural abilities to understand – you should not use those things which once absorbed in themselves a lot of negative and failures. Also there are quite good ways out. Most jewelry stores provide such services as exchange of old jewelry on new, naturally, for proportional surcharge.

Besides, you can not exchange an old ring for new, and just pawn it.

Also, the ring can be given to the master, to pay it for work (and it is always necessary to pay for beautiful things), and the master will make of it any other, absolutely new product as far as your imagination will prompt to you.

Of course it will be better if you still find at yourself once broken thing which can be both an earring and a pendant, either a bracelet or a chain. Then the flight of fancy and jewelry appetite can increase very.

Then that you should not act rashly and get rid of a ring. To make it never late, but whether costs? It is necessary to approach it more rationally and competently, than without considering. Therefore any old thing, certainly, can not only bear for itself unpleasant or undesirable memoirs and the moments, but also to become something new in life and it is pleasant to please with absolutely new look.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team