What to do with the unnecessary relations

What to do with the unnecessary relations

Relation time, lasting for years, reach a deadlock. But this deadlock does not stop two people. Having crossed through the logical end of the relations, they for some reason continue to go one road.

Expression "a suitcase without handle" precisely describes the similar relations: both it is heavy to drag, and it is a pity to throw. It is a pity for the lost years spent together, it is a pity for the spent efforts and joint experiences. Weight presses them nearly physically - the squeezeed-out actions for maintenance of visibility of feelings, difficulties of communication and intimate relations. On a question why people burden themselves the unnecessary relations, forever will remain without answer. At everyone the option: fear of loneliness, habit, lack of desire of changes and other. The woman who charged herself all obligations for the house and pastime. The man listening to daily hysterics in the house where there is a wish to have a rest. In both cases an exit only one. With the unnecessary relations it is worth arriving strictly. The gap seems terrible, but as a result will give only relief and will open new opportunities.

Having got rid of long-term cargo, you should not blame yourself for something, to remember pensively the beginning of the relations and to think that everything could get better. If could - was adjusted. Unfortunately, not all relations are fated to end with the happy end, and it needs to be understood accurately. The introduction in communication with one person does not mean impossibility with it to leave and meet another.

The concept of the "unnecessary" relations belongs not only to the love unions. Friendly communications can also weigh. The people who are appearing only in depressions in search of "vest" for tears, exactly as well as running together only on your troubles for a raising of a self-assessment are not friends, and the cargo preventing you to live. Friendship does not suffer the unilateral relations, does not demand efforts, is not imposed. These are the clean and easy relations designed to please and facilitate your life. If is not present, - be not afraid to get rid of them. In any not clear situation behave slightly selfishly, life one, and it is hardly worth upsetting her on the burdening people.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team