What to make that the husband was jealous

What to make that the husband was jealous

As there is a wish that the husband was jealous, well though a little bit and much time spent nearby. How to achieve it? Here what can help.


1. Speak at it by phone with the friend. Only do not go too far, and otherwise phone can suffer. But the effect all the same will be positive.

2. Stop to find for it all the time - he will precisely suspect wrong. He already got used that you always near at hand, inquire something, suggest to spend time together. Stop, and the result will not keep itself waiting. Sign up for some courses, sections. Take the time. Let the whole day will be painted constantly. It is possible that the husband will begin to watch you.

3. Be engaged in the appearance. Buy new clothes, footwear, cosmetics, jewelry. You turn near a mirror more often. Changes in your behavior have to guard it. If he asks - mysteriously are silent or talk some nonsense. Let goes crazy from misunderstanding of the events.

4. Try not to take periodically the call when he calls. Always wait time. It is possible to answer the fifth - the sixth call. Itself never you call. Such behavior will unnerve him. He surely will arrange you cross-questioning. It is possible not to answer in general some time.

5. Go about the own business more. Spend time for a hobby and hobbies. Why to spend time for the person who does not appreciate you if it is possible to be engaged in what is pleasant. You go to the museums, exhibitions, night clubs. At blessed the natural question will ripen: "And why she ceased to invite me with herself? She has someone?"

6. It is also possible to sit up long at girlfriends. Let itself waits for you and creates to himself the base for imagination and thinks out to himself the reasons of your absence. Let keeps ringing to you and all your girlfriends. Let will tear off all phones. Be not surprised if, after all, it comes to check whether really you are at girlfriends.

7. If at it your mobile phone rang out, you leave to other room. Look what it will do. Most likely, he will begin to overhear, having leaned an ear against a door, and then will surely try to learn what a secret talk is.

8. You find pretexts for refusal in proximity. It will precisely decide that you to itself already found someone. Then tell it, than you are so strongly dissatisfied. Let it will understand that you need to pay more attention. With an ulterior motive you decided to cause jealousy in the native husband.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team