What to make to return the ex-boyfriend?

What to make to return the ex-boyfriend?

Parting with the guy is not a reason for a depression and bad mood. Always there is a chance to return it and for this purpose there is no need to go to fortunetellers and to cook love potions. Everything that it is necessary – to know several psychological moments only.

Sometimes the casual meeting with the ex-boyfriend can stir up, apparently, extinct feelings. Only one meeting, and thoughts already several days only about it. And continually there is desire to return the former relations, to start anew, to try once again. It is quite possible, it is only necessary to make everything correctly.

First, it is important not to hurry. This main thing. Achievement of a task "it is improbable to return being in a week" so the first that it is necessary – to stock up with endurance and patience.

It is impossible to press on the ex-boyfriend as it will cause absolutely opposite necessary reaction. And instead of rapprochement the rejection and rejection will turn out. Ideal option – infrequent casual meetings and gradual accumulation of speed.

Secondly, at a meeting it is impossible to show too rough and bright emotions. Tranquility – the key to success. It is important to prove to be the independent and self-assured woman who does not suffer after parting at all. If to show other, then the plan for return of the relations will fail, plainly and without having begun. For the man it is important to feel as the hunter, the getter, it is an instinct. He has to show interest, seek to catch "production", to make the, to prove the right for it. The third obligatory point – a constant positive spirit. Not only for show, but also always, every minute, every second. Positive people attract, near them is warm and cozy. To such people there is a wish to return. The following step is to begin communication with former. To put in order the message on phone, to write in ICQ or Skype. If the conversation is struck up – means, the trick worked, and in the young man interest woke up again.

Some time it is necessary to communicate at distance, you should not at once suggest to meet, it can frighten off the guy.

It is the best of all to make an appointment quiet benevolent tone, not to press, not to elicit, not to mention the past. One more way to draw attention of the guy and to interest him is rumors. It is necessary to try and do everything possible that he learned from mutual friends that he can lose the last chance of renewal of relations at any time. For example, he can have a rival soon.

Usually the spirit of rivalry stimulates guys on active actions. It is too hunter's instinct – to make everything that another did not get production.

It is far more difficult to return former if it already has a new girl. Difficult, but it is still possible. For implementation of the plan for return of the guy at first it is necessary to make friends with his new girlfriend. To gain of it the confidence, to begin closely to communicate with it. First, it will allow to control a situation, secondly, it is possible to cool with any given phrases its interest in the guy. Or on the contrary, its interest in it. And before taking active actions, it would be good to think is itis it necessary to return former. It is worth remembering all positive and the downside of the relations and it would be desirable to solve repetitions of all these trifles? Or nevertheless not? People leave after all for certain reasons, and the chance is very small that the second time everything will be in a different way. After all, in the world there are so much free interesting and attractive young people. It is not obligatory to spend the life for unique at all.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team