What to present for New year to darlings

What to present for New year to darlings

The New Year is celebrated in a circle of the closest and favourite people. What to please the friends and relatives in fantastic night with? The choice of a gift for everyone – a hard task. It is good if secretly it was succeeded to learn what the person dreams to receive as a gift. It is much more difficult to choose a gift, leaning on the intuition and imagination. There are several options how to make New year unforgettable for the closest.

New Year's attributes. If there are doubts or it is necessary to congratulate not the really loved one, a set of stylish Christmas decorations, an original souvenir, a figurine or a moneybox in the form of a symbol of the coming year, an artificial desktop fir-tree – universal gifts, they will please any and will be to the place.

Children's gifts. Most of all on New Year's Eve to find under a fir-tree gifts from Father Frost children wait, of course. It is simple to surprise them. Any colourful new toy – already a holiday. A big bag of sweets, designers, sets for creativity (stained glass pictures, sets for a molding and so on), computer games. If the child in new year finds under a fir-tree in a beautiful box of a long-awaited live kitten or puppy, then this new year he will remember all life.

Gifts for parents. The senior generation usually very much loves care manifestation. The woolen sweater or a scarf, a warm plaid, a convenient teapot in set with a collection of teas, a humidifier, the products hand-made, a leg bath, an embroidery will be always by the way. Gifts for friends. Close friends can give the gifts connected with their hobbies or a way of life: books, disks, expensive handle and the daily log for the businessman, the filter for water, a set of ware or the toaster for new settlers, columns for the computer of a ridiculous form, the USB stick with New Year's subject, the gift certificate for cosmetology procedures or massage, home mini-brewery, set for sushi and another. It is possible to buy several small presents and to arrange a lottery. Gift to darling. For the spouse or darling the gift has to be with romanticism notes. For example, a dinner by candlelight, silk bed linen, the picture painted by own hands, jewelry, a musical instrument which the person always dreamed to learn to play, a live orchid. Important is as well a way of registration. It is possible to wrap up each gift in paper of different flowers that color corresponded to character of the person to whom the gift is intended, to decorate with self-made snowflakes and to sign in a comic form on behalf of Father Frost.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team