What to present to the friend who has everything

What to present to the friend who has everything

Friendship - the same invaluable gift, as well as love. Friendship it is necessary to protect, care for it and to appreciate. When we gather to the friend for birthday, every time we face a problem of the choice of a gift if the friend makes good money and does not need anything.


1. If the friend has everything, then he will be difficult to be surprised with a material, practical gift. It is necessary - to include one exit imagination which to a degree each person has. My most favourite and sure bet - a collage from journal cuttings. The big frame for photos is bought, the it will be more, the effect of a gift is brighter. Under the size of a frame the Whatman paper is selected. Now we take an old pile of magazines and begin slowly, attentively to thumb through, cutting out those inscriptions and pictures with which the friend is associated at you. It is possible to connect all members of household, especially children to this process. It and interestingly is also useful for them. Now, we paste cuttings on a Whatman paper, without leaving white gaps. All Whatman paper has to be pasted very densely over with cuttings. Also there it is possible to add photos of the friend or the poem congratulation. Your friend will never be able to forget such gift! Memory for the rest of life - it is checked!

2. The friend can order a t-shirt/cup/pillow with your joint photo and some cool inscription. Too the memorable original gift which your friend will hardly guess to itself to get. Too memento!

3. It is possible to mount for the friend of video or to shoot the special film with an interview of other friends. To make video poll: what do they think of the birthday boy and that will wish him this day. The original gift is ready to put touching fragments on favourite music of the friend-!

4. To bake to it beautiful, festive cake with his name and date of a birthday. Whatever experienced the person was, he can seldom resist outstanding culinary masterpieces, especially house, especially in all sincerity the loving friend!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team