What to present to the guy

What to present to the guy

It is more difficult to give a gift to the guy, than, for example, mother or the sister. A banal set of cosmetics it will be obvious here not by the way. It is better to think up something extraordinary as, for example, a dinner by candlelight in an unexpected situation or a campaign on a concert about which your darling does not foreknow.

To choose a good gift for anyone, probably, one of the most complex affairs in the world. Every time before approach of some festive date concerning close people it is necessary to break thoroughly the head to please and surprise them with a gift. And, the more expensively and lyubimy the person, the is more difficult to choose a gift.

How to choose a gift to the specific young man

Undoubtedly, selection of a gift to the guy depends on a number of circumstances. First of all it is necessary to consider the term of the relations and the interests of the guy.

If you meet less than a month, then even the magnetic on the fridge can be an excellent gift provided that it will be executed in the form of a heart or an inscription: "I love you!". At the insignificant term of the relations some inexpensive, modest, but pleasant trifles will approach. It is possible to carry to such things: - a charm from logos of the car by which it goes; - the lighter if he smokes, or an ashtray; - board game which, by the way, you can play together. If to your relations year or even just about is executed more, then it is obvious that here not to get off with a magnetic or a brelok. A lot of things depend also on what character at your young man what hobbies, habits. For example, it is impossible to give that heart-magnitik to "the severe Chelyabinsk guy". It is better for it to present, for example, a camouflage suit. You should not give to the person who lives computers, any construction tool: puncher, set of keys and similar.

The interesting ideas of gifts for the young man

If the person is in love if he appreciates you and respects, then he for certain will like a gift, related to you. It is possible to present from this series such gifts: - the photo puzzle with your image, having collected which he will be able to admire your image; - an electronic frame, having filled it with previously joint photos; - a mug with your photo and good wishes to it.

The portrait of the young man executed in classical or in any other art style will be an excellent gift.

Make processing of its photo in "Photoshop" and place it on a t-shirt. Images can be various, depending on tastes of the young man. Safely stylization of the image of the young man of the superhero looks. For example, his face and superman's body.

The man will like to be a superhero, at least on the futbolochny image.

Many young people have the real men's hobby: cars, soccer, fishing. Present to darling the gift connected with its hobby: car vacuum cleaner, t-shirt of the favorite soccer team, set of jigs. Even if the young man has no men's hobby, but there is a hobby in general, safely give the gift connected with his hobby! For example, there are young people who like to embroider or do pictures of beads. Present set for embroidery! It is possible to bring together the young man on any action or in any institution. For example, on a football match, on a concert, in bowling. Only do not forget that the campaign has to be interesting not only to you, but also it. The campaign on a concert of the rock singer Zemfira will not be able to give to the fan of a rap music pleasure. Certainly, gifts which you can make own hands will delight the young man. And not only hands. A romantic dinner by candlelight, a striptease or other erotic action, passionate and rough sex. It is necessary to prepare for this business in details: to buy candles, to prepare its favourite dish. The most important is to keep everything in secret that till the dinner he knew nothing that it was a surprise.

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