What to read to school students about manifestation of cruelty to animals?

What to read to school students about manifestation of cruelty to animals?

Reading slowly but surely leaves the modern person. Family reading takes a back seat because of the shortage of free time at parents too. But so there is a wish that the need for reading did not vanish. Literature is full examples and is ready to give the child information on everything.

Do not cultivate cruelty

The cruelty in relation to weak is a low manifestation of feelings of the person. How to treat this phenomenon? How to teach the child to be kind and compassionate? Such questions arise at parents who want to bring up the full-fledged personality. The certain way is to show a personal example, but it is possible and to read small stories on this subject.


Alexander Ivanovich Kuprin has a story "Emerald". All events seem eyes of a horse. An emerald – a thoroughbred race stallion. He participates in ippodromny jumps, takes prizes. There lives a stallion in the stable about a hippodrome. He and other horses is looked after by grooms. The stallion watches the world around. It has the opinion on the people surrounding it, on the stallions and mares standing nearby.

The emerald likes his life, people are pleasant. It friendly to them is adjusted. Walks, jumps and those feelings which he has at ippodromny competitions are pleasant. He is torn to win, he likes to be the first. He is well difficult and obedient. Sensitively listens to desires of the equestrian.

And here next and, it appears, the last jumps of the Emerald. The author beautifully describes feelings of a stallion at arrival. His joy that it came to the finish the first. But feelings and shouts of people were not clear to it. Many did not rejoice to its victory, and angrily shouted that a horse false that they are deceived.

After races it was taken away to the stable and not walked any more. Only strangers went and examined him from top to toe, then took away to the unfamiliar remote village. The emerald understood only one that it was hidden for some reason. He remembered the favourite stable, grooms and horses, grieved for jumps, for fast run.

Everything ended very sadly. The emerald did not become necessary to the person who took away it, and it poisoned him with oats.

"It killed my dog"

People face cruelty throughout all life. At the child this collision happens for the first time, and he does not know how to treat it and how to react to acts of cruel men.

The children's writer Yury Yakovlevich Yakovlev created many stories. One of them "It killed my dog" about the teenage boy Taborke. It picked up the dog thrown by owners and brought her home. Mother was not against and allowed to leave a dog. The father returned and expelled a dog.

Taborka very much fell in love with a dog, she became for him a friend. He could not leave her because he understood that it was thrown already once. He could not arrive as cruelly as her former owners. Taborka could not understand, than the dog prevented the father. He decided to take her in school. She quietly sat under a school desk until the teacher noticed it.

The teacher expelled Taborka from a class together with a dog. On the road the dog effortlessly seized the passerby the woman by a coat and tore it. Taborka with a dog was taken away in militia, but two hours later released. The boy was called to the principal. Taborka told about the misadventures to the principal. After all, the boy told that the father killed his dog. The father called up a trustful dog and shot at an ear. Taborka could not understand in any way for what the father cruelly acted with his dog this way. He did not get on with the father and almost did not talk to him. The director tried to convince Taborka of a conversation to improve good relations, but the boy could not forgive to the father murder of a defenseless being. He began to hate it and lost faith in good. He told the director that he will grow up and will protect dogs.

Taborka forever remembered that there are heartless people, such as his father. They think that they strong and can offend weak.

"Short-haired Devil"

Sometimes the cruelty becomes inevitable and it is necessary to carry out ordered. So there was to the frontier guard in the story by Yu. Yakovlev "a Short-haired Devil" who led an old guard dog on lulling to slip. Met the teenage boy who began to ask him about a dog. The boy tried to understand why she did not become necessary and why so cruelly and unfairly people arrive.

The frontier guard told that he worked two years with a dog that she is clever and tender. She is the real guard dog who is able even to climb rocks. She began to hear badly, canines were erased, and recognized her as unusable to further service. The frontier guard said that he executes the order of the chief of an outpost and cannot disobey. It has to bring the reference that lulled a dog.

The boy with alarm listened to the frontier guard. He did not understand why it is necessary to lull a dog who protected so many years border, was betrayed to the business, more than once was wounded in fight. Why it did not become necessary? To it it became terrible from injustice and powerlessness. He understood that the frontier guard can make nothing to change the fate of a dog. Such order. The boy followed and cried with own powerlessness and with powerlessness of the frontier guard who conducted on the death of the loyal friend.

The teenager began to ask him to give him a dog. He said that he will care for her. The boy said that if do not give him a dog, then will rush from the rock. The frontier guard tried to explain that he cannot but execute the order of the commander that all the same it is necessary to go to the veterinarian and to take the reference.

The veterinarian understood everything and too regretted a dog, wanted to retain her. He expressed doubt that the boy will be able well to look after a dog. But the boy assured that he will give nobody her in offense and that mother will resolve. So the dog was saved. The hero of the story forever remembered this day.

Three such short stories can teach much. Will help to understand that such compassion and mercy. As it is important to show these feelings and to help persons in need.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team