What to send to the guy to army

What to send to the guy to army

When the guy goes to army, he very strongly begins to miss the house, the friends, relatives, and especially the darling. But you can please it with a pleasant parcel which will remind him of your feelings.


1. If you decided to send a parcel to army to the guy, you have to understand that everything that comes there, is the general. Therefore you should not buy too expensive things as they will hardly reach the addressee. From necessary objects you can put in a parcel several pairs of socks, disposable safety razors, folding scissors, toilet soap, cotton pads and sticks.

2. Besides, you can buy a thread and a needle with a big ear (so it will be easier for guy to pass throughout it thread). Enclose in a parcel several notebooks, handles and pencils as guys though use phones in army, nevertheless letters should be written them. Do not deprive of it a similar opportunity and add a box with clean envelopes. If your young man is fond of reading, you can send it the book.

3. If you decided to transfer to the beloved sweets, give preference to dried fruits and candies though there is a probability that your man after all will not receive them. In army any alcoholic drinks are strictly forbidden therefore you should not buy them. Also you need to refuse transfer of chewing gum, perishable products and also money and valuable things. Remember that your parcel should not have too big weight. Optimum admissible weight is from two to three kilograms. If you need to send to darling many things, send several small parcels. It is legible you bring to them the exact address and also a name and a surname of the person to which your gift intends.

4. You should not think that army - a solitude in which there are no shops. Soldiers can buy everything that it is necessary for them, but the good news in the letter will be very pleasant. Send to the beloved the poem which you will think up, apply to it your joint photo and wait for gratitude of the favourite young man. Besides, you can try to make some small gift with own hands. Girls sometimes send to the men to army original cards, origami, the cross stitched pictures. Everything depends only on flight of your imagination and your skills. Some guys, being in army, have a possibility of use of the Internet via the cell phone. In that case you can send to the soulmate not only the letters written on paper but also messages on social networks and also its favourite songs which will remind of your love.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team