What to tell when parting

What to tell when parting

Couples in a quarrel sometimes are slandered to each other so much what sometimes to leave properly just does not leave. But having decided to remain nevertheless friends or at least acquaintances, very thinly it is necessary to think over everything what to tell when parting. It is important to leave on a friendly note if you have general children.


1. Some nonsense can often be the cause of parting, then it is important that will be told at separation, your possible reunion depends on it. Having passed some time you will understand that it is difficult to live without partner. In a similar case it is necessary to tell ""I appreciate our relations, but you are not right when you understand it, I am ready to talk to you!"", or ""I am sorry, but I all the same love you"".

2. If you decided to break off all relations, it is necessary to appreciate the former partner at least in those pleasant moments which you together spent. And what at heart would not be offensive and it is a shame with the told words, in advance think over that positive you can tell your former half, without reserving offenses. But, if you do not dare to meet and report about parting and just decide to write the non-registered letter or a sms or report about it by phone - it will mean disrespect for the relations and you will reserve fault. Parting has to take place surely at a personal meeting that to explain everything and not to leave questions which will torment your partner. Having sent the message by mail, your half will just take offense at you and will decide that you are incapable all this to tell in eyes and it is possible to think these relations for you never had the importance.

3. That separation took place for you with clear conscience invite to a meeting of the partner. If you are very angry on him, postpone all emotions, it is better to speak about break in relations with unimpassioned speech. You should not use offensive statements and to report that it is the result of bad behavior of the partner, you do not become personal.

4. At a conversation on this subject, try to take kind of the blame if an initiator of separation are you, tell that your thoughts are pure and you do it for the best for both of you.

5. The break with any person never passes completely, in particular if you spent many years together. Therefore with extra care it is worth selecting each word. A right choice will be to finish earlier and earlier, than later when the relations are already unpleasant for both parties, both partners have to find those with whom they will find harmony. Also there were no painful days with those to whom you have no more feelings. At the beginning of the relations it should be taken into accountit should be taken into account prospect of the relations in advance if you are sure that you do not want serious actions, notify the partner on it in advance not to break to him heart.

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