What to wait from holiday romance for

What to wait from holiday romance for

Many lonely girls dream to start in the resort an affair or even the serious relations. Whether such expectations are justified?

Beautiful dress, fashionable hairstyle, faultless make-up, gloss in eyes. In such look any woman will not remain without male attention. Besides on vacation everything disposes to acquaintances. Do all of you still hesitate? Let's try to dispel your fears!

""I will be considered thoughtless"". A dinner by candlelight, slow dance, a romantic moonlight walk — yet not an occasion to consider you the criminal if only you are not connected by conjugal ties. The main thing — do not encourage flirting of waiters at restaurant, hotel staff and do not try to hypnotize any lonely man appearing in the field of your sight.

""These relations have no future"". Of course, to you it is not necessary to go to resort paradise with the purpose to find the husband! Therefore and it is not necessary to build long-term plans. Just derive a maximum of pleasure from communication with the man who attracted to you. Perhaps, your satellite will appear it is from that city where you dreamed to visit long ago. Or he is a local and will be able to show you beauty hidden from eyes of tourists. And it is possible, blue-eyed British, and you at last will be able to put into practice your knowledge of English.

""Suddenly I will fall in love"". The atmosphere of the resort excites so that it is possible to drown in emotions with the head. But cases when resort acquaintance develops into the long relations, it is rather exceptions to the rules, than norm. Holiday romance is initially planned as the little flirtation which is not demanding any obligations. So do not demand feelings which do not intend to give you, and do not offer what from you do not wait for.

Came true — the prospect of the dizzy novel rushed into your sedate rest! But now you are faced by a new dilemma — how to behave not to get into a ridiculous situation?

Do not lose the head. It is kind of gallant and decent by sight there was a boyfriend, he should not be trusted completely. Do not leave unguarded valuable things (credit cards, documents, keys). Going to an appointment with the new satellite, tell friends where you and with whom.

You do not pay the bill. Freeloaders in the resort a dime a dozen, especially the gigolo. It is not difficult to find them — such men prefer to shirk ""sponsoring of a banquet"", motivating it with a difficult financial position. If the newly appeared gentleman asks on credit money, run from him up hill and down dale!

Do not confuse flirtation with intim. You dream of the romantic relations, but not of becoming the casual acquaintance for the evening! In advance define for yourself how far you are ready to come, and do not cross forbidden line.

Do not go too far! Will prevent to keep the eyes open never, but do not turn a holiday into a detective story. Eventually your task is to have a rest and be loaded with positive emotions well!

Having waved a kerchief on the platform of the station, you leave behind the fleeting hobby. And what's next? For certain you exchanged contacts and assured each other that after arrival resume communication. Whether there was it ""out of politeness"" or resort hobby has a future?

Perhaps it is love. Only 7% of holiday romances pass into the category of serious. For this purpose each of you has to be free a minimum, and at most — in search of the serious relations. It is no secret that many married men, having appeared in the resort, suddenly become bachelors. And bachelors sometimes look for an opportunity to pass away time, and not to find the companion of life at all. But exceptions happen too!

Hobby is simple. He does not call and does not write? It is not an occasion to fall into a postholiday depression. On the contrary, to you is what to brag! Rest took place not for nothing, having added a romantic plot to a moneybox of your memoirs. Do not mourn about what passed, smile to what was.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team