"What to write and ask the guy to interest him?

"What to write and ask the guy to interest him?

Not very long ago was considered that only men can show interest in an opposite sex. The woman of the first was forbidden to show an initiative. Times changed, and now nobody will condemn if the lady the first makes a step towads to the gentleman.

However it is not always pleasant to men if not they are initiators something therefore at acquaintance it is necessary to work carefully. How to prove in communication and correspondence that the guy became interested in you — we will tell further.

Men are visual therefore they often pay attention to stylish dressed and well-groomed women. Such style has to be traced also on pages on social networks through which in the modern world there is more communication, than in real life. Besides, the girl has to have a competent speech. It will be pleasant to nobody if the illiterate person who is not able to formulate correctly the thoughts and speaking a tongue twister with voices raised is behind a beautiful cover.

And all this has to be supported with self-confidence: the strong, purposeful personality is much more attractive to guys, than diffident and the forces. Of course, it is not enough to interest the guy. It is only a basis which allows to take further steps to acquaintance by successful.

Whether you know? The Psychology of Music magazine published results of such research: the nice guy approached group of girls. He approached some, holding in hand a sports bag, to others with a case from a guitar, to the third empty-handed. It was noted that women showed the maximum interest in the musician, and the athlete was even less interesting to them, than the empty-handed man.

Skilled women know that it is quite possible to do nothing for drawing attention of the guy — to look only at it enough. But this look has to be special. It is considered that by nature the woman is able "to make eyes" though not all know how it needs to be done. Actually this reception is very simple and each woman will be able to do it. Its essence is in looking away when the guy looks at the girl, and to smile.

The main thing — before withdrawal of a look to manage to look quickly to the young man in eyes. If the gentleman does not pay attention to the lady, then she has to look at it until he does not notice it. When views meet, it is necessary to look down confusedly. So the woman will show that to her it is awkward because she was taken unawares.

However, the long time cannot be held lowered a look as probability is high that the gentleman will be intercepted by other "hunter". Therefore 2–3 seconds later the man needs to look in eyes again and having smiled, to look away in confusion. Such "firing by eyes" will not leave indifferent any boy if only his heart is not occupied any more.

Important! Trying to draw attention of the man, it is very important not to go too far. For example, at establishment of visual contact the frequent potuplenny views and senseless smiles can push away the man on the contrary.

Much like active, cheerful, cheerful persons. And if the woman has such qualities, then it is very great advantage. Seeing, the cheerful girl, the guy understands that he will easily communicate with her. The active living position of the woman shows that with it it will be hardly boring. But, unfortunately, what attracts guys can them and push away: some men are afraid to approach such girls. In that case it is worth taking the initiative, and it will be for certain pleasant to the guy.

The active living position, interest demonstration, openness — it, of course, everything very much attracts a strong half of mankind. But it is worth to remember that sooner or later you will begin to meet, and it will be necessary to tell about himself.

You should not forget that each woman has to remain a riddle. Do not throw out on it all information at once: tell something, mention something casually, and about something so far keep silent at all. Existence of an intrigue will urge on the guy on new meetings during which he will hope to find from you the hidden information.

We advise to esteem whether it is possible to get to fall in love the guy on correspondence and as to make it.

Same concerns also appointments. It is not necessary to run to the man on the first call, to answer instantly all calls, Sms. Show it that you the busy person, are demanded and receive enough attention from colleagues, friends.

Nothing happens if you miss couple of appointments, phone calls or will not respond to some messages. The man on the nature the hunter, and it is very important to it "to hunt" for the production. Only do not do so constantly, otherwise the gentleman will think that he is not interesting to you or you have one more admirer.

To draw attention to itself is already half-affairs. But not to lose the received result, it is necessary to pass to the next stage — a conversation. Here it is important not to spoil that impression which was got on your appearance. What to ask the man to intrigue him — depends on a specific situation.

Whether you know? The age difference between the guy and the girl often influences marriage fortress. The more this difference, the more can be disagreements between partners and the more often they arise.

  1. Show that you are sincerely interested by the young man and your conversation. But, supporting a conversation, do not begin to extort from it something, for example, about private life. Though a strong half of mankind treats various loaded questions rather calmly, you should not go too far. Ask as much how many the guy asks you.
  2. Answering questions, do not lie. It is senseless to compose some improbable details concerning the person. Perhaps, your relations will develop into something more serious, and all earlier told false facts surely "will emerge".
  3. It is necessary to be not only the good interlocutor, but also the good listener. It is not necessary to fill up constantly the guy with various questions, without giving him the chance to express. Also you should not stir only about yourself. There can be an impression that you impose on it the opinion. The people's psychology such is that at a conversation it is better for interlocutors to be as equals, differently one talking gradually begins to lose interest in another.
  4. In a conversation do not raise the voice, you do not pass to peep and do not gesticulate strongly. The quiet, steady voice, moderate gesticulation will give feeling that you for a long time the familiar person with whom it is possible to communicate freely.

Trying to strike up a conversation with the man, once it asks questions on sport, a hobby, hobbies, on women and the relations. It is also possible to ask intriguing and even trite questions, ridiculous and original. But in any couples it is impossible to ask on religion, nationality, family problems and a financial position. It is impossible to discuss his friends and relationship with them.

Read also how to interest the guy on correspondence.

As the girl has to act, communicating with the guy on correspondence or the SMS, depends on that, they are familiar or not.

  1. Begin with a usual greeting.
  2. Wait for the answer. Most likely, the similar greeting will be sent you.
  3. Whether further it is possible to take an interest in affairs or to ask, for example, "I distract?" Still it is possible to send something it seems "Did not expect to receive my message?"
  4. In reply something can come it seems "You who?" Be not surprised to banality of the answer. Men are rather afraid of initiative women therefore can not be original in answers at once.
  5. It is possible to answer it: "Let's communicate further — I will tell", or even "I am your destiny, but you should not be afraid of me, I to you will make nothing bad".
  6. If the conversation is struck up and business will reach discussions of interests, do not hide anything, but describe the hobby with humour.
  7. If the guy jokes, in reply send not only usual smiles, but also "otshuchivaniye", jokes.
  1. Greet it, but only as you do it in real life. The interlocutor has to understand that it you, but not someone, masking under you.
  2. Take an interest in its affairs, that, how was your day, in plans for the near future.
  3. Report about the plans, and in colourful details. If there are any additional questions, do not leave without answer of any.
  4. Over the reply to the message it is not necessary to think long as it is not pleasant to men.
  5. Start a conversation about what is interesting to the interlocutor. Only it is important that you well understood this subject, but had no only a superficial idea.
  6. Try to address in a conversation the gentleman by name — it very much is pleasant to men.
  7. Do not kill it in a conversation even if communication happens at distance, by means of the Internet or mobile communication. To behave so impolitely, and it will definitely not be pleasant to the interlocutor.

Important! At correspondence always report that you need to leave from the computer even if for a while. Do not forget about literacy. If you agreed about time of the beginning of communication, then be not late and if it nevertheless occurred — speak.

Often it happens so that the relations ended, and feelings still remained, and the woman cannot reconcile to it. She at once begins to think of what and as it is possible to return former attention of the guy. But in this situation there should not be a haste.

After parting the man can be afraid that you will begin to run behind it, trying to find out the cause of the event and to persuade to renew the relations. Perhaps it and not against to begin all over again, but if you are too persuasive, then on the contrary, cause still great antipathy. Therefore for some time it is desirable to leave the field of his sight, not to call and not to write, not to be interested even in it through his friends, relatives.

Kind of difficultly was, it is necessary to try to calm down, put all thoughts in order and to analyze the break in relations reason, perhaps, to be ready to recognize the wrongfulness. Besides, it is desirable to begin to work on itself. Remember what you were at the beginning of your relations, than you involved the gentleman, and think what from this was lost during the relations. Also it will be useful to change a little at least the appearance that at a long-awaited meeting the guy was pleasantly surprised, having seen before itself the well-groomed girl in good mood and in a new image.

It will be useful for you to esteem how to forget the former man.

Several months later after a gap when you comprehend everything and change, it is possible to write to former. Will be to send the SMS enough, for example: "Hi. Long ago did not communicate. How are you?" This simple message you will show that you are not going to return it by all means at all. Having received the answer, once you write that you are fine and to add several phrases bearing information on mutual friends. On its reaction it will be possible to understand how it concerns you. If standard phrases follow, then to it probably all the same, how are you, and if becomes interested, then it is possible to try to save the relations. Try to offer a campaign on some action or just to visit cafe.

Having been refused, do not insist — means, time of your relations passed. And if after all it turned out to meet again, then conduct conversations on neutral subjects, you share information that recently you learned new where you were that read that the guy could understand that your life is not fixated only on it one.

During an era of equality it is considered absolutely normal that the girlfriend of the first tries to start acquaintance to the guy. And it very much is pleasant to many representatives of a strong half of mankind. The main thing at the same time is not to be overzealous and keep an intrigue, and, perhaps, having taken a step of the first, you will meet that only partner in life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team