What women are loved by men?

What women are loved by men?

The love is the normal and natural phenomenon, the accompanying lives and lying in its bases.

Men and women – components of human community and ordinary live together. They are representatives of one species of Homo Sapiens and, at least, cannot (so far that) to carry out a task of reproduction of new people the friend without friend and without love. For today it is an obvious and normal state of affairs. But we not only males and females of a type of People. We still have a spiritual and moral and sincere organization.

Why men love women?

Certainly, it is not only about physical force.

It is impossible to answer unambiguously such question, and it is possible to answer it very extensively and differently. One might say: life and who we are the friend without friend is so arranged? All know that in the closed same-sex collectives always the relations, to put it mildly, specific, with constantly arising problems and the conflicts that is caused by the structure of the social organization.

Men and women unite in love not only for reproduction of a look, but still, probably, and therefore that have the different expressed lines, properties and signs and, uniting in matrimonies, supplement each other. That is help to live each other conveniently and to work together, achieving the vital objectives. Is so much more effective.

What women are loved by strong men?

And here on a question what women are loved by men, it is possible to answer more definitely.

Everyones. Different men love different women. In east cultures and exercises even the systems which are accurately describing the possible harmonious systems of the relations between men and women of any given type are developed. In modern European culture which developed from antiquity under the influence of Christianity in the relations between men and women it is possible to make out certain obvious interdependence in the relations of floors too.

It is definitely possible to claim: in the mass of the man love cheerful and cheerful women, these qualities do the fair sex (and men, by the way, too) really beautiful. And, and indeed, it is pleasant to whom to see the spouse with constantly sour and/or gloomy look staying in bad mood, a depression and grief?

It is also very important that the woman was able to watch and look after herself, to look good and to smell pleasantly (the bulk of men most of all loves to eyes and a nose). It is not less important to be able to behave decently in the company of other people.

Men love psychologically flexible women. This quality in weight is developed in women more than in men and it is more necessary for successful life. So it developed historically in connection with the nature of the played social gender roles.

Men love the women able to be responsible for the honor. It is unlikely this statement needs the special explaining comments, however it is possible to tell precisely that such state of affairs is caused both socially, and is biological.

Men love the women able to support at a difficult moment. Men sometimes need extremely it. Kindness manifestations, ability to empathy and sympathy – in general, normal and necessary components of behavior of people, regardless of a floor. Well, and in family it is just necessary.

What to the woman are not loved by men?

The bulk of men does not like frequent rolling of hysterics and scandals, constant crying and vzvizg and rash verbose statements (roughly speaking, pointless chatter). Still it are not pleasant to clever men when they are not respected and consider for idiots.

Which of men had no this feeling when suddenly you find out that this strange and weak creation – the woman still yesterday seeming such fine (for the sake of whom there was a wish to make and to create creatively) suddenly turns into the spiteful, cruel and mercenary bitch who that is called in a penny does not put your opinion?

Well, and most important: men love the women able to behave properly and having such important quality, distinguishing us from animals as humour.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team