What work can be entrusted the child

What work can be entrusted the child

Daily affairs often unsettle. In a day very much everything it is necessary to be in time: to prepare, to wash, sew up, remove... And it is only a little bit.

For some reason adults underestimate children in the sense of the help. Do not trust, prefer to do everything independently. And children is full-fledged assistants in cases on economy. Parents who early begin to involve children kill two hares: also release time for themselves, and accustom children to work. The last is especially important.

For the child of any age there can be a business it can do.

Five-year-old children can quite make the bed. Of course, silly to hope that it will be ideal at once. No, it is also necessary to treat it with patience. By all means to praise the kid for the help and to note as far as it is important for family.

The small child can fold the clothes in a case too. At first things will lie a lump and not where it is necessary. But if to help the child and to paste on each shelf of the image of clothes which has to be there — he will quicker cope. And the accuracy will come over time.

Own toys can also be field of activity for the child. And adults should teach children to move away them, to look after them independently.

Kids like to water plants, to feed pets. They are pleasant to feel useful, and for those who less them — doubly. It allows them to feel significant, like mother or the father. Adults when they abuse the child for a puddle of water which was formed in the course of watering, or for a prosypanny forage for small fishes are mistaken. Handles will become obedient soon, and here hunting to help - can take place because of frequent reproaches.

In kitchen there is no assistant more valuably too, than own child. Once he entrusts table layout before a lunch. It is pleasant to children, for them it as a game. By the way, after a meal, the child willingly will help mother to clear the table.

Children are more senior and teenagers have a bigger scope for activity.

To sweep and vacuum the apartment, to wipe dust, to go to shop or to take out garbage — it quite can do both to boys, and girls. Boys willingly wash the car, without altercations help fathers with a garage or in the yard. Girls can wash and stroke some small things. All children, young and old like to prepare. As far as it is useful for family, parents will estimate then when the house them is waited by a tasty dinner. And still, all children like to clean up near the house together with parents. By the way, it very much brings together.

In familiarizing of children with house work the main thing not to go too far. It is not necessary to charge with all burdens of work on economy the child. It is possible to begin with one obligation, then, imperceptibly, it will be added still some. It is not necessary to force, it is important — to interest.

It is impossible to neglect the help of children with economy, especially, when they offer it. Children need to be perceived seriously and to show them the respect. Then children will reckon with adults.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team