What you should not do to the girl on the first appointment

What you should not do to the girl on the first appointment

That, how successfully will pass the first appointment, depends on both partners. Of course, for the woman it is not obligatory at all, and sometimes it is even undesirable to seize initiative at such moments, however she should monitor the behavior that the meeting was pleasant to her gentleman.

Improper subjects for the first appointment

The major that cannot be done during the first romantic meeting – to choose improper subjects for a conversation. You should not speak about ex-girlfriends of your gentleman and about your unfortunate relations. Most likely, if acquaintance continues and will pass into more close relations, you discuss such subjects, however they are not suitable for the first appointment at all.

You should not complain of other men or especially to speak of them enthusiastically. Avoid comparisons of guys with the interlocutor, otherwise the risk that it will not go on the second date is high.

It is worth refraining from discussion of intimate questions. If the man insists on the talk concerning such subjects, perhaps you should not continue with him communication. The same concerns also sex on the first appointment. Certainly, there are cases when such fast turn of events is appropriate, however if you dream of the serious relations, it is better to hold off transition to close contact a little.

During communication with the man on the first appointment you should not give negative estimates to its tastes and preferences, to tell unflattering things about its education, work and so forth. If you also speak on such subjects, try to be very careful in expressions, otherwise the first appointment can terminate in a quarrel and mutual offense.

Mistakes in behavior on the first appointment

Try not to be late and if you are late, do not keep the man waiting long. Your gentleman will also be so for certain excited and if he in addition has to expect half an hour of your arrival, it can badly affect his mood and desire to please you.

Especially it is not recommended to be late for a long time if you agreed to meet on the street, and you will not call weather pleasant.

During the appointment all your attention has to be devoted to the man. Each five minutes to check phone, to go on-line from a communicator, to call someone and to correspond – you should not do all this. The similar behavior is offensive for your interlocutor. The same concerns also cases when the girl often interrupts the man and constantly seeks to speak about itself, without being interested in him at all. And, at last, you remember that in you there has to be a riddle. It is not necessary to give all information on himself on the first appointment and at once to open all cards. Of course, the man has to have a certain image, but no more than that! It will be better if he continues to solve you at the next meeting.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team