When there comes crisis in the relations

When there comes crisis in the relations

The popular wisdom says: "To marry not to attack, kind of not to be gone in marriage". In any close and related relations there come the moments of misunderstanding, cooling, irritation and fatigue. Especially in those which concern love and the intimate sphere. Knowing about when there can be such situations, it is possible to be to them ready in advance.

There are several critical periods of family life.

3 months

Joint life is capable to bring trifles to an extreme point of patience: the dirty socks scattered on the apartment blessed or impressive army of jars with masks and the wife's creams in the bathroom. It turns out that the spouse has cutlets not such tasty, as at mother. And the husband for himself is not capable to wash a plate and essentially does not take out a bucket with garbage.

To sit down just right at the negotiating table and from shares of humour to write each other notes of protest – that irritates you and with what you are ready to be reconciled for the sake of love.

1 year

Passions ceased and entered the habitual course. You did not begin to love less. Your feelings were transformed, having passed to a new stage. It, naturally, it is not necessary to be frightened, as well as to sound the alarm. It is worth neglecting attempts to re-educate the soulmate already. The family is not personal comfort in damage of another, and joint efforts for realization of the general ideas and tasks.

3 years

There is no novelty and a former intrigue in intimate life. It seems that everything became boring, desire dies away. It is a high time for a romantic shake-up, scenarios and games. Include imagination, reject false constraint and dream together.

7 years

According to stains - this dangerous time. When offenses, irritation collect and all navyazchivy becomes the idea to burn bridges.

If you have enough wisdom, a step and patience to meet halfway each other, to try to understand the partner, then you will find chance to be strong model family in the opinion of people around.

12-15 years of marriage

Spouses can have a temptation to escape from an infinite Groundhog Day, having tried the new relations on the party. In such situation there are two decisions: the wisest – not to give in to momentary weaknesses and not to be conducted on provocation; - to understand, accept and to forgive the second frankly.

20-25 years of joint life 

Such date is a big achievement of both spouses who can be proud. As a rule, it is already strong indissoluble union constructed on a unification of souls, thoughts, tasks, thoughts, got by trust and mutual respect. It cannot almost be destroyed.

How many people would not live together, they will always face problems in the relations. The most important in such situation is to manage everything to overcome together. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team