When to buy a wedding dress at pregnancy

When to buy a wedding dress at pregnancy

The pregnant bride is not a rarity. Today even many fashion designers create festive dresses for girls in situation. But before a celebration it is important not to be mistaken with a style and the size, the stomach increases every day.


1. It is necessary to choose a wedding dress for the pregnant bride one week prior to a celebration. You should not get it in advance, volumes quickly change and it is difficult to predict a shape of a stomach. Of course, some girls go on salons in advance and look after a dress, it is possible even to postpone the best options, but do not hurry with purchase.

2. Dresses for pregnant women are created especially for volume stomachs. On them the waistline is not underlined, the attention is concentrated on a breast that allows even to hide situation. They do not drag away a body, so cannot do much harm to the kid. But it is not obligatory to buy such dress, its cost is higher, than usual dresses and if the term of pregnancy not big, it is possible to pick up and the usual option which is cut out are convenient in the way.

3. The dress with a corset can be bought also in two weeks. Its feature is that it is possible to change the size. If the tummy becomes more, it is possible to tighten a lacing slightly less, and at the same time the general view not to deteriorate. But at the same time it will be noticeable that the new family expects the kid. If you want to suppress this fact, choose dress model in Empire style style. An underlined breast, and then at once the streaming skirt. It is very effective order but which at the same time is giving freedom of travel and not underlining the line of a stomach.

4. Well the V-shaped cut looks on pregnant women. It distracts attention and an upper body that allows to hide completeness. But it is not necessary to combine it with sleeves small lamps or a volume veil not to overload a suit. Ease of lines, the minimum quantity of jewelry and lack of gloss will allow to look laconically and elegantly.

5. If the dress was bought in advance, and by the time of the wedding became a little, it is possible to address to salon and to exchange model for big. Many shops allow to make it without significant surcharge. Also there is a version of the address to the master in tailoring. But the dress should be altered seriously, on it several days will leave, it is necessary to do it not one day before the celebration.

6. Very important bride in a suit footwear is. The pregnant woman should not carry too high heels not to sprain a leg or even not to fall. The long dress and inconvenient footwear are dangerous to the girl, it is important to choose something suitable to lower load of a backbone, to make a holiday joyful, but not disturbing because of inconvenience. Perhaps it is necessary even to change the shoes to feel comfortable both on walk, and at the holiday table.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team