Where to bring together the girl if there is no money

Where to bring together the girl if there is no money

Many young people often get into a situation of shortage of money. Nevertheless, it is unlikely any man wants that this problem negatively affected the relations with the soulmate. Contrary to popular belief, there is a large number of places where it is possible to bring together the girl, without having in the stock a large number of money.


1. The simplest option simply is to call her on walk in some beautiful place in the city. Present to the girl some small gift – small sweet or a flower from the very beginning to raise mood. You can make evening more memorable if launch balloons into the sky. You can also buy soap bubbles or pieces of chalk for drawing on asphalt to have fun and remember a little the childhood. Choose what is pleasant to it. Diversify evening with heart-to-heart, romantic talks. You can discuss any subjects, listen to her stories or share experiences.

2. Visit of the museum, gallery or exhibition will help to decorate simple walk. Sometimes entertaining institutions organize free Open Days when it is not necessary to buy tickets, and it is possible to look at any given exhibits or performances free of charge. It is also possible to go to a free concert where it is possible to have fun or just together to listen to music.

3. At the moment of the shortage of money you can organize joint walk with the friends. Suggest the girl to take the girlfriends and just spend time in the company, communicating and having fun.

4. If you have bicycles or roller skates, you can periodically make walks, go on the nature or just drive through the city. You can also perfectly spend time on the sports ground, playing volleyball, tennis, basketball. You can also register together in some free sports section, the student's organization or try to be engaged in some public work which will interest both of you. Try to participate together in flashmobs, to go to various actions and just cheerfully to spend time.

5. During a summer time good option it will be simple to get out to fresh air and to organize a small picnic, having together met a decline or dawn. Outdoors you can spend the night, sing a song to the guitar, light a fire and admire stars, thereby having created romanticism to the girl about whom it will never forget.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team