Where to get acquainted to the elderly person

Where to get acquainted to the elderly person

It is quite difficult to strike up acquaintances now because people are clamped, closed and mistrustful. At advanced age there is more free time which can be spent for communication with new people.

Need in communication

The person needs communication irrespective of age. The person who will listen is necessary, will express the opinion, will tell interesting stories from the life, will be a pleasant interlocutor. If so it developed that over the years there is no companion left, there is no soulmate nearby, adult children parted to the different cities, then you should not despair. It is necessary to strike up new acquaintances to brighten up the loneliness. At advanced age it is necessary to have a rest soul and a body. All burdens behind, the long stage of work on production is passed, children grew up and are ready to independent life. On pension it is necessary to enjoy life and every day. To do it is more cheerful in the company.

Where to get acquainted

It is possible to get acquainted, in fact, everywhere: policlinic, drugstore, mail, street, transport. It is possible to find the age-mate who is eager for communication too. There will be joint subjects for a talk, perhaps, there will be common interests and acquaintances.

In each city there are clubs for elderly. There those who want to get acquainted with new people come, to communicate, to cheerfully spend time in the company, to share or adopt experience, to drink together tea, to try tasty and fragrant pies of own preparation. During such sit-round gathering it is possible to meet the second half. The person needs love and caress at any age. It is not necessary to put an end to itself, to look back at age, to listen to opinion of people around. If there is a wish to have pure feeling again, to endure a rose and candy stage, then it is necessary to work.

Active living position

Staying at home, not to find to itself companions. Therefore the thicket should leave, walk, breathe fresh air. In parks and squares with grandsons and children elderly people walk. The situation disposes to communication and acquaintance. In recreation parks for pensioners hold different an event: a contest of song and chastushkas, playings musical instruments, dances, concerts with participation of on-stage performance groups. It is necessary to reject constraint and to learn to have a rest so that then it was possible to remember something and to boast to grandsons of the talents. If health allows, then it is possible to play sports or improving physical education. There are clubs of walruses, fishermen, hunters. There people unite because of community of interests. Then such acquaintance can regenerate in friendship. If there is desire and there is an active living position, then it is necessary to find out about existence of such communities in the city and by all means there to enter.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team