Where to invite the girl to the first appointment?

Where to invite the girl to the first appointment?

So, acquaintance turned out. Ahead – the first appointment. Of course, it is very important: it is necessary to make a pleasant impression and most to solve whether these relations are necessary. Means, it is necessary to choose such place that also the guy seemed in advantageous light, and the girl revealed enough that it was possible to understand better that she for the person.

So expensive restaurant - hardly the best option. Even if the guy has for this purpose enough finance. The girl will perceive it as rich person and, depending on the tendencies, or will try to make active the relations for mercantile reasons, or, on the contrary, will feel awkwardly, being afraid, kind of she did not begin to look the rich men hunter. And still she can think that the guy likes to be proud - it to very few people is pleasant.

However and McDonald's – not the best option if the guy and the girl are more than fourteen years old.

As well as where to invite the girl to the first appointment?

Of course, classics is a cinema or cafe.

Cinema, in general, quite good option if the movie interesting and both love such entertainments. It will be possible to adjoin touchingly elbows, and then to discuss the movie – here and a subject for a conversation. But what if both do not love cinema? About himself the guy knows, and about the girl it is necessary to learn in advance. It will be awkward if the young man invites her to the melodrama, and she hates sentimental movies. In cafe it is necessary to talk about something! If intellectual or at least a romantic conversation – not the strongest place of the young man, but in cafe there is a wish, it is necessary to choose the unusual place. For example, it can be cafe on a roof or on the deck of the motor ship. Generally, having rummaged around on the Internet, it is possible to find something cool even if before the guy was not interested in such things. And it will give subjects for conversations.

And still it is possible to choose walk in favourite places. Or in a zoo to descend – to remember the childhood. Or to the amusement park. Or on the beach. All this will throw subjects for conversations too and will help to understand each other better.

Where still it is possible to invite the girl to the first appointment – in many respects depends on her and your preferences. Places where it is possible interestingly and to spend time with advantage – weight. It both parks, and theaters, and exhibitions and so forth. The first appointment after all should be held in classical places and if you are fans of extreme sports, then it is something like that better to reserve something for the next meetings when you much know each other better.

How to invite the girl to the first appointment smoothly?

In traditional representation in such things the man has to dominate. Therefore the guy should not shift the organization of an appointment to the girl even concerning timing and the place. You should not suggest it to decide where and when to go. But also everything should be solved for it hardly. The best option is to prepare two-three of options and to offer it. So if a question in how it is correct to invite the girl to the first appointment, then here and the answer: to show an initiative, but without fanaticism. If the girl refused both offers, it is necessary for several days to lag behind her, and then to try once again – with other offers.

How it is possible to invite the girl to an appointment beautifully?

It is possible to send it the romantic invitation on artificially made old paper.

It is possible to enclose a card with the invitation in a bouquet of flowers (or a basket with flowers and fruit).

It is possible to give to the girl a mumpish ball and a pin and to suggest it to burst, and from a ball the confetti (spangle) and a small envelope with a tiny invitation card will fall down (the option is appropriate if the place where invite, assumes an opportunity to be kidding and fool about).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team