Whether children copy behavior of parents

Whether children copy behavior of parents

The child from the first days of life is in an environment of adults: parents, grandmothers and grandfathers, other relatives. Therefore it is no wonder that it can imitate adults, copying their behavior.

Main contribution to the child

Knowing this children's feature, psychologists advise parents to be more attentive and critical concerning the behavior. The best contribution to the child is made just by parents. It concerns not material supplies, and first of all behavior. The child, entering the world, mastering it, begins to interact with other people, adopting behavior model which sees in family.

Often tutors in kindergarten can observe during the game between children as they transfer scenes which daily see houses, in the collective. In particular it concerns a game in house.

Experiment with the clown

In the 60th of the 20th century the children's psychologist Albert Bandura by practical consideration proved, influence of a manner of behavior and communication of adults in any given situation on the child is how strong. Bandura shot the small film with participation of a rubber doll – the clown. In its movie kicks a doll with legs and the adult woman beats. Cinemas showed to group of school students. For the second group the psychologist prepared a plot in which with the rubber clown the woman does not make any aggressive manipulations. To the third group of children no video was shown at all. Then school students from three groups were let in the room with the rubber clown. Children from the first group began to scoff at a doll, imitating behavior of the woman from the seen clip. When Bandura stated the point of view that children with pleasure copy aggressive behavior, this statement was met mistrustfully. Psychologists doubted the validity of results of an experiment of Bandura. Then Albert Bandura shot the similar film, only instead of the clown the living person acted. And the children who looked mockeries at it began to scoff at the living clown. Only with a bigger cruelty and aggression. So the psychologist a bandura proved that children can copy behavior of adults, especially negative. Not without reason say what bad clings quicker, than positive. At first it is own parents, then all others. One more proof of the theory of imitation can be found in fauna. It is only worth observing the relations, for example, in cat's family. Adult individuals acquaint kids with life and teach them on the example. It is worth remembering that children - first of all, reflection of the parents. It is impossible to demand from the child purity and an order in the room if he during life sees the return. And so in everything.

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