Whether friendship is possible after the love passed

Whether friendship is possible after the love passed

Friendship between the former lovers is possible as practice shows, either both, or one of them nevertheless hope to reanimate the relations. And the fact of your companionship with the former partner can prevent to enter into the new relations.

The different relations for love and friendship

Most often a phrase "let's remain friends" has negative implication for this purpose to whom it is addressed. Usually the person means by it that does not want the relations with the couple any more, but to tell about it openly and directly the politeness and tactfulness does not allow. In this case about any friendship, naturally, the speech cannot be. It is better not to hold such imaginary relations and not to look for meetings with the former half. On the other hand, if you feel that the offer to remain friends was sincere, it is possible to continue communication and after the relations.

Happens also other succession of events if the love passed long ago, and the relations literally descended on "no". In this case both partners know that their feelings became obsolete long ago, not to return them any more. But at the same time both are afraid to admit it each other not to swear and to lose the relations which remained warm. In such situation it is better not to be afraid and begin a difficult conversation. Otherwise you should suffer still very long from break in relations and to wait for the possible first step from the partner fellow.

It is good if feelings passed at both people at once, in this case the cordial friendly relations can really remain. It is much worse if at someone from partners love feelings still remained. At such development of the situation not to do without scandal and showdowns that will nullify all once cordial relations and will not leave the place for possible friendship. Nothing good waits for the former lovers when the grown cold partner broke off the relations, and the person who kept love tries to look for friendship at the former couple. If the gap was given you very hard, it is better not to try to start friendship with the former half. So you can not only reopen old wounds, but also swear once again with the beloved. If connects nothing you, whenever possible try to avoid meetings. It is necessary to remember that the friendship based on the former relation can develop into closer relationship again. And if none of couple considered past mistakes, the gap can repeat that will lead to spiritual wounds at both people.

When friendship between the former lovers has a chance

Friendship is possible only in case after parting both former partners kept mutual respect, remained in good relations and did not turn into enemies. If the former couple has joint children, it is necessary to communicate politely and tactfully with each other. In this case people quite often continue by common efforts to bring up the child that is possible only when maintaining good relations between two parents.

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