Whether it is correct to do temporary rest in the relations?

Whether it is correct to do temporary rest in the relations?

When, except quarrels, abuse, scandals, is present no injections in the relations, involuntarily it is necessary to think whether you love the soulmate, whether you exist still as couple. For such thoughts it is necessary to make a small respite, having temporarily had a rest from each other.

Good points at temporary break in relations

Undoubted plus of a timeout it is possible to call freedom. When the relations have long-playing character, practically all sides are erased. It concerns personal space: opportunities to dispose of the time somehow, lack of control and excessive pressure.

Scandals distort vision of reality, and sometimes it seems that the love passed. Having exactly rummaged in communication will give to your relations of objectivity: you will be able to understand where and at what moment made mistakes why everything went not as both planned.

During this period you will be able to find yourself, to deal with the desires and the partner's opportunities, to understand, is how cardinal and how the present relations changed you.

Sometimes rest in the relations gives a chance to refresh feelings. Everyday life nevertheless jams, emotions begin to grow dull, and at distance they become aggravated. Thus it is possible to try to return passion and a heat to quiet and measured life. Or, on the contrary, the voluntary gap will sort things out: you will understand that the relations lost any meaning, and you lived by inertia, exhausting and tormenting each other, not wishing to change something in the life.

Interruption of the relations does not say that you left forever. From this break of feeling can get stronger and if it does not occur, then do not tighten with inevitable and whenever possible keep cordial relations.

What temporary rest in the relations is dangerous by?

As a rule, couples for a while disperse to understand the problems and disorders arising in everyday life of lovers. The main objective is to meet in the future, considering negative experience of last omissions. But on this hard let reefs and traps meet. The temporary loneliness helps to remember how it is delightful to live independently, without needing strangers. Important in such situation that the partner correctly placed priorities - understood that it is necessary to you and returned to a love nest. A big problem - sex, more precisely its absence. An important role in the full-fledged relations is played by intimate joys. The lack of continuous sex causes peculiar physical withdrawal pains which everyone seeks to facilitate in own way. It can be active contact sports activities (boxing, oriental martial arts), meditation or, as in the famous movie "Taming of Obstinate", the cabin of firewood to feeling of fatigue in each muscle. But some follow the line of least resistance - are tempted with a new object of attention. Treason threatens with a complete separation without chances to restore the status quo.

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