Whether it is necessary to be imposed to the girl

Whether it is necessary to be imposed to the girl

Some girls do not perceive refusal of men seriously and begin to show persistence and hardness even in case hear in reply "no".


1. Before arguing on whether girls should impose themselves to men, it is necessary to understand what behavior is considered persuasive. First of all, the persuasive girl always finds time for the young man who is necessary to her. She is never busy. At any time she is ready for a meeting. Actually such behavior should not be admissible. The man has to try to obtain your arrangement and do in time time, convenient for you, to meet you.

2. The girl who is imposed to the guy always calls him the first though calls are a men's prerogative. The guy himself has to show an initiative for communication with you. Young men do not like to spend in vain the time for phone calls and correspondences. You need its number only in order that the nobility who exactly calls you. You, of course, can call sometimes it, however only in the emergency.

3. The persuasive girl actively to watch life of the young man. She is interested in that with whom he communicates as he spends time where and when happens. She attentively studies its pages on social networks, checks lists of friends, trying to find something suspicious there. It is not necessary to take excessive care of the man. Your close attention can quickly bother him, will seem to it that you try to limit its freedom.

4. Some girls cannot live also day without attention of the beloved. If he did not tell it about the love, did not invite to an appointment and did not shower with compliments, it spoils mood, and the guy receives claims. Remember that even the most pleasant words can bother. The person quickly gets used to good, and then it ceases to please. Do not extend excess information from the beloved. Be limited to that warmth which he is able to give you.

5. One more sign of persistence - constant declarations of love to the man. You say to him about how to you it is heavy without it as far as it is expensive to you. Of course, the guy has to know about it, however only one declaration of love suffices, otherwise your favourite young man will cease to react to them.

6. Remember that everything has to be moderately. Yes, now not the Stone Age, and women can sometimes take the initiative, but such behavior sometimes begins to irritate men therefore allow the guy most to solve when to call you when to invite to an appointment and when to devote time to itself favourite.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team