Whether it is possible to consider treason treachery?

Whether it is possible to consider treason treachery?

Adultery, adultery or adultery - it is so accepted to call commission of sexual intercourse with someone, except the soulmate. Such act is considered deception or even treachery which it is difficult to forgive.


1. Treachery is an act which you disappoint hopes and expectations of other person. It can be friendly treachery or matrimonial. On a question of whether treason is considered treachery, it is impossible to answer unambiguously. Of course, if you swore the soulmate oaths about eternal love and fidelity, such action can be referred to treachery. However if between you and your loved person there were no arrangements, treason happened not in a rush of passion or despair, and was a consequence of new love, it is impossible to speak about treachery. Most likely, you just have no feelings to this person. But after such act the rupture of the unpromising relations has to follow.

2. More precisely to deal with what is treason - deception or treachery, it is necessary to understand at first what became its reason. The similar act always means that in family some problems appeared. For example, if one of spouses entered intimate relationship with other person once, regretted it and understands that he made a mistake and any more will never hurt the soulmate, such action, most likely, can be referred to deception. If the husband or the wife start an affair on the party, do it regularly, but are not going to get divorced, it after all will be treachery.

3. Each person has to solve for himself whether he will treat treason as treachery or will consider it deception. Some accept the fact of physical proximity with other person as attempt to get new feelings and emotions and do not perceive it seriously. The people confident in love of the soulmate are ready to forgive any its adventures if only it was near. Others even consider one thought of treason or a view of other representative of an opposite sex treachery. For them the contact with someone, except the beloved is absolutely inadmissible.

4. Besides, if to speak about treason and treachery, you have to understand that, making such base act, you, first of all, betray not the loved one, but the own principles and the choice. Going on such serious step, you have to understand that, most likely, after this relation with your darling will never become former and, perhaps, he will not be able to forgive you it because he has in this respect the views and the principles which will differ very strongly from yours.

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