Whether it is possible to forget the person whom loved more life

Whether it is possible to forget the person whom loved more life

In human life there are many meetings and partings, most of them passes routinely and does not leave behind any traces. But to say goodbye to the love very hard, seldom who manages to forget the person who broke heart.

How to tear with the past it is final

At once tell yourself that everything is over, it is necessary to live further, without clinging to the past. To absolutely forget darling it will not turn out, but it is necessary to make everything for creation of the future without this person.

First of all try to replace the phone number and to remove the accounts from social networks. So the former beloved will have no opportunity with you to contact any purpose and to prevent to forget itself. Ask friends and relatives not to mention at you a name of this person and to get only neutral subjects for a conversation. Remove from files of the computer and throw out all joint photos. If it is possible, try to remove all its gifts from eyes.

If you are not afraid of experiments, try to change completely image or at least only clothes. A campaign on shops, hairdressing salons, the image studios and new things will help to be distracted by some time of the past and to forget old. Your absolutely new image in a mirror will convince you that old life it is finished.

Physical activity and good rest will help to dull parting pain

Try to distract. Give yourself full-time job so that there was no time left to think of something another. Besides it is possible to try to help relatives. Offer the help with repair or with another matters. Tiresome physical activity will help to forget once loved one for some term, and time will finish further begun. If your help is not required to relatives, begin repair in own house or be engaged in gardening, tourism, travel. After you redo all imaginable affairs, try to have a rest thoroughly physically and morally. Think up to yourself interesting entertainment, go to a travel or completely plunge into a hobby. As new hobby it is possible to choose drawing, writer's activity, sport, yoga and any needlework. At this time it is desirable to exclude everything that casts grief and melancholy from the life. You do not watch sad or gloomy movies with the unhappy end, do not listen to sad music.

To be in the center of events not to think of unfortunate love

You do not seek to spend time alone. So you not only will not forget the former beloved, but will even remember him more often. Try to communicate more with friends and relatives, you go with them to exhibitions, to the museums, cinema or to concerts. Do not avoid new acquaintances. The new relations will do only good to your state of mind and will help to muffle memories of unfortunate love. When all these stages are passed, and time slowly will smooth and podotrt bitterness of memoirs, try to learn a lesson from the former relations. Soberly and impartially analyze a situation and try to understand what was not so in the last relations and in the former partner. At this stage it is desirable to remember all the worst and to try to convince itself that parting did you good. After that try to release mentally former native to you the person and to be focused on the future.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team