Whether it is possible to forgive to the husband treason with the prostitute

Whether it is possible to forgive to the husband treason with the prostitute

The sexual contact with other person is considered treason. Sometimes such event leads to family breakdown, but whether it is always worth going on cardinal steps if the intimate proximity was with the person to whom there are no emotions.

Sex with the prostitute is a physiological process without attachment and even flirtation. The man just pays for services and meets the desires. If it happens to the married man, it is not necessary to get divorced at once, it is necessary to look at matrimonial life and to begin to look for problems in the union.

Why it changed?

Men exist different, someone cannot live without female attention, constantly meets new people, often creates novels. Such behavior too bright that not to notice it, and wives perfectly know that the spouse leads a double life. There is other type of men, it will not change without special need. But if it happened, then it is necessary to understand the reasons, to look for an occasion in sexual life of family.

Think and whether the proximity in your family suffices? How often does the woman say that she does not want sex, is not ready or tired? If refusals happen regularly, the man begins to test dissatisfaction. At first he looks for ways to persuade the spouse, but then gradually begins to pay attention and to other women. And the prostitute in that case is good option as he does not betray the favourite lady, does not fall in love on the party, does not make other family. The boredom in a bed can push the man on experiments with other woman. If sex always identical if in it there is nothing interesting, and all actions are familiar for a long time, the proximity ceases to bring joy. In this case it is necessary or to look for inspiration and to try something new, or the man can go for search of adventures and if an opportunity turns up, he will not refuse it.

If treason became known

Do not make quick decisions if learned about treason of the husband. Of course, the first reaction can be impassioned, but then it is worth calming down and talking. It is important to do it without tears and reproaches, it is necessary not just to accuse him, and to hear its version of the events. Ask what roused it to treason why he acted this way. Learn how he sees your further life whether it is worth trying to return everything and to live as before? If he apologizes, he can and be forgiven. But there is one important point if you make the decision to go together further, then this incident needs to be forgotten. It is not necessary to remind at any opportunity that treason was that he betrayed you. Do not cause sense of guilt constantly, and look for ways not to create more reasons for campaigns on the party. Also do not forget to undergo inspection on presence of venereal diseases, an opportunity to catch exists. If you decide to get divorced, look at statistics. After 10 years of marriage change more than 50% of men. And many of them do it not for money, and with women who seem to them much more attractive than the wife. You will be able to find other partner, but whether to turn out to keep marriage without unfaithfulness? It is better to learn to keep the harmonious sexual relations in this union, to construct comfortable life together, but not to break off conjugal ties because of a mistake which was created together.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team