Whether it is possible to get married on Monday

Whether it is possible to get married on Monday

That marriage was considered as official, it is necessary to undersign for the REGISTRY OFFICE. All other actions in the form of exit painting, a ceremony, etc. do not bear any validity and become for beautiful photos and shooting for memory.

It is required to you

  • - passports
  • - the paid state fee


1. Only the REGISTRY OFFICE or Wedding palace can carry out registration of marriage. For this purpose presence of both potential spouses who have to write the application is necessary and pay the state fee. After that the employee of institution takes away passports and appoints day of painting. Usually it occurs within one or two months. In the presence of some circumstances can paint and next day: pregnancy, conscription, long business trip or serious illness.

2. You choose the place where you are going to get married, regardless of the registration. When choosing time it is necessary to consider the schedule of work of the REGISTRY OFFICE since each of them has gala days, and is usual where just paint.

3. The Moscow REGISTRY OFFICES work according to the uniform schedule: Friday, Saturday - ceremonies, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - just painting, and Sunday, Monday - days off, therefore these days it will be impossible to get married. Wedding palaces most often work daily therefore if you want any concrete day, it is possible to address there, but it is necessary to consider existence of sequence. In other cities there are schedules of work of REGISTRY OFFICES therefore it is worth learning already on the place whether they can paint you this day or not.

4. Now presence of witnesses is not obligatory, and for usual painting there can be only future spouses. The procedure very fast also takes not enough time. If you want a ceremony, then will accept you in the big hall with a possibility of photo and video filming. It is only necessary to consider that the number of the invited guests can be limited depending on the REGISTRY OFFICE.

5. Recently there were fashionable exit registration when workers of the REGISTRY OFFICE hold a ceremony not at themselves, and in some other place at the request of newlyweds. It can go on nature somewhere, good restaurant or a country house. But this celebration has no validity and becomes only after usual painting. Time and date is determined by the mutual arrangement of the parties.

6. If you very much want to get married on Monday, and the REGISTRY OFFICE does not work and in the next the district there is no other, it is possible to carry out the official procedure earlier, and to leave a celebration on Monday, having ordered an exit ceremony. For guests it will look a real event.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team