Whether it is possible to love two men at the same time?

Whether it is possible to love two men at the same time?

The love can be complex and mixed feeling. Also it is shown differently. In some cases of people instantly understands that before it – his destiny, and in others can be broken off several years between the devil and the deep sea.

The love is volume, many-sided feeling. When the woman loves the man, she can not notice other representatives of an opposite sex at all, not to consider them as potential partners. All its inner world turns around the one to whom she gave the heart. It is possible to love at the same time several people, but in different ways: as friend, as mother, as idol, as child. Really it is impossible to love two men.

If it seems to the woman that she has the strong feelings to two at the same time, most likely, she does not love none of them. In a situation when though she feels true affection for one of applicants, there is no question of any strong feelings to another. Psychologists have also other point of view: when it seems that you love two men, perhaps, there are strong feelings to the one whom learned later. If the woman loved the first man really, then would not fall in love with the new guy. However the feeling of affection for two can be at once illusion. And to it there are several reasons.

Sharpness of feelings

Sometimes it seems to the woman that she, feeling love for one man, becomes not indifferent to the second. There is it because initially the passion, interest, inclination was taken for strong, strong feeling. Over time these emotions can pass. Especially it is relevant for the relations on which do not find it necessary to work. In couple it is necessary to strengthen feelings, to open in each other new advantages, to know the partner better. Then there is a true attachment.

If in the relations not to move ahead or connect life with the improper man, the passion and love quickly will pass. When the union does not bring joy, and becomes only a source of concern, jealousy, disappointment, he is doomed. In such situations the woman can meet a new object of passion. Again it seems to it that it is love.

So, without having understood feelings of the first partner, she begins the new relations and considers that she loves two. Actually in her the thirst for novelty and some habit fights. She is more sure of the first man, in the second she is frightened by uncertainty. On the other hand, she was already disappointed in the present partner a little, and the sharpness of fresh feelings to the new beloved creates illusion of durability of feelings to it.

Different qualities

Sometimes the woman in two men sees different qualities and therefore it seems to her that she loves both of them. The lady allocates those advantages in each of them that have to be present at a men's ideal which could develop for her subconsciously. For example, the first man kind, but the second – the real intellectual. One elect appreciates family and the relations, and for another on the first place – a healthy lifestyle. In such situation it is necessary to realize what you wait from the partner for and to look for the balanced person with a full range of advantages, but not to mark out lines lovely to heart in different men.

There are situations when in two guys the girl appreciates opposite qualities or those traits of character which usually are mutually exclusive and cannot get on in one person. Business can be in changeable female nature. Also the reason of it can be in infantilism of the girl. She does not know what she actually wants, and just looks for a variety. Naturally, about true love of the speech cannot go here. And maybe, she does not realize as in different life situations any given quality of character opens. Gusarstvo can impress during a rose and candy stage, but not in family life.

Dissatisfaction with the relations

Can seem to the woman that she fell in love with the second man if something seriously is not pleasant to it in the current relations. When in couple there are such problems, they can be solved in three ways. The first: to the woman to moderate the requirements in relation to the partner, to grant to him the right for mistakes and to understand that there are no ideal people. The second: to discuss the discontent reason with the man and to ask it to change the behavior. The third: to leave.

If the last point for you the easier others, most likely, you do not love the guy. And at the same time there are no guarantees that the girl precisely loves the new boyfriend. First, for love usually there has to pass some term during which couple knows each other better. Instantly only love or passion can flash. Than quicker feelings arose, especially their century can be short. Secondly, before plunging into the new relations, at first it is worth dealing with former, and then finally to close this subject.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team