Whether it is possible to marry in a leap-year

Whether it is possible to marry in a leap-year

The relations between the man and the woman pass several stages: acquaintance, romantic meetings and appointments, engagement. And here prior to a wedding it is not enough, it was necessary only to appoint date, to choose the venue of a celebration and to invite guests, and further, it is possible to think also of a wedding. Many young couples are afraid to marry in a leap-year, being afraid that happiness will be not long, and the family as a result will break up.

It is possible or is impossible to marry in a leap-year and from where these signs undertook?

What does leap-year differ from all others in? Yes the principle nothing, except one excess day which drops out for February 29. Leap-year happens once in four years because the light year lasts slightly more, than 365 days and just for 4 years of hours are gathered for one excess day. It was thought up by people in order that was more simply and more precisely to define astronomical dates. From where did signs and superstitions concerning a leap-year appear?

If to carry out small digression to history, then it is possible to learn that leap-year was considered as year of the bride. It was the only year when the girl could choose to herself the promised and go to woo it. Naturally, he could not refuse already in any way and married unloved. Often such marriages were not happy and broke up because love cannot be ordered. Naturally, this tradition consigned to the distant past, but fear of Leap-year remained.

What can the wedding in leap year threaten with?

What can be consequences, there is no answer because no statistics is kept, there are individual cases which can confirm or disprove superstitions. And still, on old beliefs it is impossible to marry in year of the widow and year of the widower which follows one after another after leap. If to understand a situation, then it turns out that it is impossible to marry three years in in a row and only one year from four is suitable for a wedding. Being guided by signs and superstitions, it is worth thinking and whether it is necessary to wait and postpone so long-awaited event?

 What it is necessary to make that marriage was strong, and joint life long?

 - the bride has to put on a long dress which symbolizes long and happy life;

 - it is impossible to put on a wedding ring over a glove - it kind of says that the girl is not sure of herself and stays in doubts;

- it is necessary to put a coin in each shoe to attract happiness;

- at an entrance to the house or on an exit from the REGISTRY OFFICE of young people it is accepted to shower with grain cereals or grain and also small coins, thus bringing to young family happiness and prosperity;

Whether it is possible to get married in a leap-year?

If to address church, then it is possible to receive the distinct answer that it is impossible to get married in days of posts, on Sunday, on the eve of Wednesday and on great holidays. There are no adverse days for a wedding any more, absolutely not very well what year outside usual or leap. Each person - the master of fate, all in his hands and if people want happy, they will be.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team